Rinna with more bad acting. Sitting on someone’s lap and hugging them does not make for a sincere apology. 🙄 #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion

@judekay17 @lisarinna wanted to move on quickly after @GarcelleB called her out on the race conversation she had with @KyleRichards , @doritkemsley1 @erikajayne &maybe @KathyHilton & @ckminkoff! Garcelle is trustworthy she wouldn't tell which RHOBH told her! Next season will be telling.

@magicalamityJ @jayner1959 @judekay17 @lisarinna @GarcelleB @KyleRichards @doritkemsley1 @erikajayne @KathyHilton @ckminkoff I think it's one of the housewives, Garcelle said I have or I can show texts but got interrupted when Rinna started yelling. Rewatch the reunion.

@MomBoss56815655 @jayner1959 @judekay17 @lisarinna @GarcelleB @KyleRichards @doritkemsley1 @erikajayne @KathyHilton @ckminkoff Why does that make it exclusively a HW?? They were friends before the show and have mutual friends in common. I doubt Kyle, Erika or Dorit is turning on Rinna to buddy up to Garcelle and I also doubt Rinna would say it in front of Crystal or Sutton.