#XboxFreeCodeFriday time. Read this and you could win a code for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition on Xbox One - Xbox Series X|S. Good luck!

@majornelson i heard its a game of the ages a strategy game, unfortunately i have not played any of them #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson I heard it's a good game via the ads,but I haven't gotten to play it yet or get it. #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson @majornelson I've not played it before not really heard much about it before. I'm fairly new to SeriesX as well as of a couple weeks ago. So would love another game to check out 🙂 #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson #XboxFreeCodeFriday Age of Empires was one of my first experiences of gaming, "HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON" was one of the first cheat codes I ever learnt ha. My Favourite Civilisation has to be the Mongols!

@majornelson No, I hadn’t heard of it because Jm always playing @DestinyTheGame . Would love to give it a try. @AgeOfEmpires @Xbox #GirlGamers 💕💕💕

@majornelson I have not played Age of Empires but would certainly love to, I definitely have heard of it's greatness #XboxFreeCodeFriday