#XboxFreeCodeFriday time! Read this and you could win codes for a collection of titles from the Great New Games Spotlight on Xbox One - Xbox Series X|S. Good luck! (See all the games here: mjr.mn/Hycv)

@majornelson I've got time to race into Forza Horizon 5 and even slay monsters in Wild Hearts! I would however love to dive into Atomic Hearts and Deliver us Mars #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson I would give a few of those games a try! Deliver Us From Mars looks really interesting. #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson I've played Hi-Fi Rush but still need to try Atomic Heart #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson I've played Atomic Heart, FH5, gigantosaurus Dino Kart and hifi rush, and really want to see if Hogwart's Legacy is as good as thry say. #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson Have not tried any of them to be honest however they all look great! #XboxFreeCodeFriday

@majornelson @majornelson Atomic Heart, Hogwarts Legacy and Wanted: DEAD I’ve played but WWE 2K23 is what I want to play most from the list! #XboxFreeCodeFriday