The Mrs. has spoken and the remainder of summer will consist of us watching (mainly re-watching for her) all the #Marvel films, in chronological order, ending with #loki I’m excited and a bit daunted by this task she’s set forth. #TheGsGoMarvel

*I would totally be buddies with CGI-skinny Steve Rogers. *Killing off Stanley Tucci is a crime. He had an arc I would’ve loved to see ply out! *My favorite exchange of dialogue: “Are we taking everyone?” “I’m from Fresno, Ace!”

*I actually DO wanna see what N. Fury can do w/ a paperclip. *If cats had opposable thumbs they’d take over the world. *Jude Law can do no wrong when playing a hunky villain. *The soundtrack (now seeing it in chronological order vs. release order) sets Guardians... up nicely.