A Special Counsel investigation that began with the allegation that our President was a… “Russian Agent” ends with a novel legal theory about NDA’s and campaign finance law…

@mattgaetz Didn’t most of congress pay off their mistresses and sexual assault victims with Government money

@mattgaetz You guys need to be organizing protests where we the people will be safe from antifa & feds

@mattgaetz This case is the least of his worries. 🙄 Just wait until Georgia, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and the DOJ do their thing. ⏰

@mattgaetz I’m pretty sure it going to end with the closing of a cell door. For him along with those who helped the seditionists. Have you ever slept on a cot?

@mattgaetz you're never getting a pardon so I'd give it up if I were you.

@jjmmlsmo @mattgaetz I think we need to contact our GOP Governors and ask them for support and a place we can protest, protected by National Guard.

@mattgaetz @KurtSchlichter Extortion by a porn star should be against the penal code.

@WVUMAMA2 @mattgaetz And you are who???? More like this should be the least of your worries! Just wait until all your vaccines and boosters........