I’m more worried about the money my constituents gave Silicon Valley Bank…. …than the money Trump gave Stormy.

@mattgaetz The entire charge is a joke. Trump did nothing wrong

@mattgaetz SBV is a bigger story! That is why you aren’t hearing about it in the news. Just a few thoughts on SVB: -How does a bank, SVB, collapse in 48 hours? -CEO sells stock two weeks before the collapse. -Employees get bonuses. -How does a bank, during the pandemic, go from $71… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

@mattgaetz I'm worried about the money you gave teen girls to traffick them for sex across state lines, Matt.

@Cooperstreaming @mattgaetz I'm worried he is still out among people and children and not locked up.

@mattgaetz Great! So you'll be leading a Congressional effort then to reinstate banking regulations rescinded under the Trump administration? Awesome. I knew you were a stand up guy

@Starlin44205076 @mattgaetz You know how? Their exec’s invested in the wrong things (30 year Treasury Bonds) at a low rate. Then they had to take a 30% loss in getting them out of their crappy investment. The loss caused them to need more liquidity….

@mattgaetz You are more worried about the money you were paid for pimping an underage girl