It's 2021 , expect the unexpected…

@TheUndeadGaucho I was literally going to start that tonight it any good?

@mesolithicguy Yes, i expect more clickbait titles. No offense to you but to journalism in general 😂

@mesolithicguy *samples primordial DNA & injects into thrid eye*

@mesolithicguy I've stopped reading science fiction, as every day there seems to be more fiction challenging news than I can consume. Seriously, sci-fi writing should be hard nowadays.

@mesolithicguy (Not viruses) but isn’t this also the plot to the new movie ‘Tomorrow War’, that the Aliens thaw out of the ice?

@mesolithicguy @01000011CS Cool, as my time gets short the world just seems to be getting more and more interesting.

@mesolithicguy @JonesHowdareyou uh-oh Good thing we have knowledgeable and hard-working #feralGovt leaders to take us thru what could be yet another series of threats!