i’ll die on this hill: the ability to explain a complex subject in accessible terms is one of the greatest markers of intelligence we have

@mlstrat I only half-jokingly ask for this & try to do it myself. You’re so right…and if you’re unable to make it understandable, you probably don’t quite get it yourself

@mlstrat The ability to explain a complex subject in accessible terms is a marker of true understanding of that subject.

@TmSorbo @mlstrat But so long as you're aware you don't quite get it yourself, then there's still space to improve yourself. Or that's what I tell myself

@Moonbeam65 @mlstrat But to explain it to non-experts requires grasping of many concepts.

@mlstrat I think this is a great and invaluable skill, and one I think I have. At the same time I have worked with highly intelligent people that are smarter than me in other ways but don’t have the “explainer” skill. Has been a good pairing to work with them.

@rekerrsive agreed! that’s why i said “one of.” plus, when you’re working in highly technical fields, the accessibility of your language choice is going to be a matter of degree. ☺️

@mlstrat @a_picazo I'll disagree. I've met and worked with some brilliant people. With proven accomplishments in areas clearly requiring exceptional intelligence. Who were unable to communicate accessibly. You might find Howard Gardner's research on multiple intelligences interesting.

@mlstrat It's...not though. It's useful and obviously it makes people feel good but it wasn't required to create any of the great inventions or ideas known to humanity. The more time someone spends working on communication, the less time they spend innovating. We need BOTH kinds of people

@SordidRemains yeah, uh, that’s why i said “one of”