the leaked twitch payouts should honestly be an eye opener and a conversation about the robbery twitch does on their creators. taking 50% of the majorities pay is wild and we don’t make nearly as much as viewers think we do.

inb4 some dusty dorito person comes rolling in here like β€œyOu DoNt ThInK 50% iS fAiR yOuRe UnGrAtEfuL” like firstly, stfu. we work our asses off and are quite literally the backbone so yeah, taking half of my hard earned work is bullshit πŸ€™πŸΌ

and by backbone, i mean we literally are twitch. without streamers, there is no twitch. i don’t wanna discredit the viewers/lurkers because, let’s be real, y’all the real backbone.

@motherrmoon When you zoom in, streamers work...too much. For too little. We often work 50-60 hours a week to make less than minimum wage: Twitch, Twitter, simultaneously posting on Youtube, TikTok. All for pennies on the dollar.

@motherrmoon Yea, 50% of pays, plus ad revenues, and they still can't put more effort and resource in protecting streamers from hate raids.

@motherrmoon It was way more ... I had a bday strim... 2k earned.. I got 660..... .......... ..... ....

@motherrmoon @yuukeyna Twitch only takes 50% from small creators, mid to large size creators only get 30% taken. Not to mention large creators get the majority of twitch prime subs. Only small streamers suffer on twitch

@CrossingChase @motherrmoon thats if they get contracts. even a majority of my mid to large sized content creator friends don't meet twitch's standards to get that opportunity.