#RHOBH okay watching reunion ep 1 - WHO likes L*sa R*nna. HOW does she have fans.

#RHOBH also wtf is up with Dorit???? why is she such a bitch????

#RHOBH also like…they ARE trying to paint Garcelle as the angry black woman….whether they realize it or not…..

#RHOBH L*sa R*nna is truly disgusting. HOW can she turn around the issue of racism on the show and make it Garcelle’s fault???

#RHOBH can we please lose R*nna, I’m so tired

#RHOBH how does L*sa go from screaming obscenities at Garcelle to saying “✨💕I just want to move on with you💕✨” like bitch please

#RHOBH excited for the rest of the reunion episodes to be focused on burying Erika, as god intended