@MaseDenver Define “good starters.” They were 5-12. There are no “good starters” on a 5–12 team.

So what was Calvin Johnson on an 0-16 Lions team? With all due respect, yours is the stupidest take I’ve seen in ages, and the competition for that honor is stiff. twitter.com/Kwhit972/statu…

@MaseDenver Paton stuck with a lame duck coach last year. Hired a horrific HC this year, passed on a generational talent at QB when we didn’t have a QB in his first draft, traded away a franchise icon who wanted to be here, chose to pay part timer Randy Gregory over 2 guys better than him, >

@Kwhit972 @MaseDenver Generational talent? Cmon that’s a stretch. PS2 is the generational talent. Von Miller was hurt again too. Chubb wasn’t going to get a 100+ million dollar deal here nor was Von Miller.