You would find it interesting to know how India is institutionalising innovation.

@narendramodi @narendramodi @nsitharamanoffc Retailers are the pillars of our economy,from small to big shops and showrooms,we get the goods manufactured by our industries. Due to paucity of money, there are less customers in the markets. Abolish income tax.Lack of money problem will be solved

@narendramodi Excellent initiative. Please open Atal Tinkering Lab at every school. Give us more exposure to practicals and project based practicals with industries at school level. Entrance to AIIMS/IITs/NITs/NLUs etc be based on our performance in practical projects and in board exams.

@narendramodi Youth pass out colleges doing regular degree like BA, BSc, BCom. Except few brilliant ones, hardly anyone gets job with those degrees as they have no use in practical work. Have limited seats in those degrees. For majority, convert existing degree colleges into skill colleges.

@narendramodi #UPSI_2016_INJUSTICE हमारी खाली सीट के बावजूद भी हमे नही लिया गया SC और ST के साथ भेद भाव किया गया है । हमारा शोषण हमेशा से ही हुआ है @myogiadityanath @myogioffice @PMOIndia @satishmisrabsp @PragyaLive @yadavakhilesh @Mayawati @AmitShah @kpmaurya1 @BhimArmyChief @swamiprasadm

@narendramodi If u have so much belief on the talent of today’s youth then there’s no point of reservations. Let everyone get selected and achieve on the basis of their talents and how much enthusiasm they have got to serve people without having an upper hand of reservation.

@narendramodi @cmpatowary Hon'ble PM Sir, हम लोगों ने असम सरकार से प्रार्थना की थी कि"NRC CONTRACTUAL Junior Assistant"कर्मचारी के बारे में कुछ सोचे लेकिन असम सरकार हमेशा हम लोगों को निराश किया है।Sir हम लोग आपसे यही आशा करते हैं।आप इस सिलसिले में कुछ जरूर अच्छे कदम लेंगे। Sir, please do something for us.

@narendramodi @infra_shiv भारताचे पंतप्रधान.माननीय.श्री नरेंद्रजी मोदी साहेब यांना माझ्या कडून कोटी कोटी प्रणाम करतो.या भारत देशातील तमाम जनतेचे रक्षण अतिशय योग्य केले आहे.माननीय .प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेंद्रजी मोदी साहेब म्हणजे या भारत देशाची शान आहे. माझ्या परिवाराकडून शतशः नमन करतो.जय हिंद जय भारत.🙏🙏

@narendramodi #ગ્રામસેવક 11/01/22નું નોટીફીકેશનએ ગાંધી અને સરદારની આત્મા તથા વિદ્યાપીઠોના આત્મગૌરવને ઠેસ પહોંચાડવાનું કાર્ય છે જેથી તેને રદ કરી 01/01/18ના ઠરાવ મુજબ ભરતી કરો@brijeshmeja1 @GujPRHDept @Bhupendrapbjp @mansukhmandviya @PRupala @vmittra @drmanishdoshi @inc_manharpatel

@narendramodi Sb kuch to bech re apki sarkaar Ab raksha mantralye bacha tha bo bhi gya 🙏🙏🙏 ye h ache din

@narendramodi Innovation is the main cult of the cutting edge business design; make product or services attractive, in demand and correction or atleast with some change; major or minor. The good thing on innovation is that if you don't know what changes should be made, just change the package