Congratulations to those youngsters who have cleared the Civil Services Exams. My best wishes for a fruitful and satisfying career ahead. This is a very exciting time to be serving the nation and bringing a positive difference in the lives of people.

@narendramodi जय जय सियाराम महाराज🙏

@narendramodi Heartiest congratulations to the brilliant minds who have conquered the #UPSC Civil Services Exams.. Your hard work, determination, and perseverance have paid off. Wishing you a fulfilling and impactful journey ahead as you serve the nation!🙏🇮🇳

@narendramodi @narendramodi @AmitShah @nsitharaman our government wants to increase tax GDP ratio for this it is copying the tax system of fully developed countries, by which in our country poor becoming more poorer. Abolish income tax. If the general public has more money, then its……

@narendramodi @narendramodi @AmitShah @nsitharaman हमारी सरकार टैक्स जीडीपी रेशों बढ़ाना चाहती है इसके लिए वह पूर्ण विकसित देशों की कर प्रणाली की नकल कर रही है जिससे हमारे देश में गरीब और गरीब होते जा रहा है। इनकम टैक्स खत्म कीजिए। आम जनता के पास अधिक पैसा होगा तो उसकी खरीदने की क्षमता बढ़ेगी……

@narendramodi @Tejasvi_Surya I see 900+ members added to the IAS mafia. This country needs change. Only u @narendramodi can bring that change. Only BJP with 303 MPs can bring that change. Why haven't the IAS been raided for seizing illicit assets? Do u certify them clean ?

@narendramodi Thank you, Prime Minister, for recognizing the hard work and achievements of these talented individuals. Their dedication and success in the Civil Services Exams are truly commendable. Wishing them a fulfilling and impactful career as they serve our nation and make a positive……

@narendramodi Most UPSC aspirants dream of the bribes they can't wait to take! Babus have destroyed the country

@narendramodi Thanks God 💐💐💐 for your wishes to🌹 the youngsters who have cleared the Civil Service Examinations.

@narendramodi विश्व के बॉस महात्मा @narendramodi जी जय जय श्रीराम जय हनुमान जय श्री राम जय हनुमान जय श्री राम जय हनुमान जय श्री राम जय हनुमान जय श्री राम जय हनुमान जय श्री राम जय हनुमान जय श्रीराम जय हनुमान सियावर रामचंद्र की जय #जय_बजरंगबली #जय_बाबा_वीरभद्र_की