PM Modi is the boss” ~ Anthony Albanese, PM of Australia.

Today’s talks with PM @AlboMP were comprehensive and wide-ranging. This is our sixth meeting in the last one year, indicative of the warmth in the India-Australia friendship. In cricketing terminology- we are firmly in T-20 mode!

India and Australia are committed to take the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to even newer heights. In today’s talks, the focus was on sectors such as mining, critical minerals, renewable energy, trade, commercial linkages and more.

The migration and mobility agreement signed today will help our people. We also had the opportunity to discuss global issues including India’s work in the G-20 Presidency.

@narendramodi बिना थके बिना रुके जो इमानदारी से जन-जन की सेवा में लगे रहते हैं ... उन्हें आदरणीय नरेंद्र मोदी जी कहते हैं !!

@narendramodi @narendramodi @AmitShah @nsitharaman A strong nation is identified by the strength of its economy and not by its large population. Abolish income tax. The per capita income is less than the normal needs as the small size of the economy over the large population is giving rise to……

@narendramodi @narendramodi @AmitShah @nsitharaman एक मजबूत राष्ट्र की पहचान उसकी अर्थव्यवस्था की मजबूती से होती है ना की उसकी बड़ी आबादी से। इनकम टैक्स खत्म कीजिए। प्रति व्यक्ति आय सामान्य जरूरतों से भी कम है क्योंकि बड़ी आबादी पर अर्थव्यवस्था का छोटा आकार गरीबी और बेरोजगारी को जन्म दे रहा है

@narendramodi India , A sub-continent and Australia, the smallest continent of the world for a strategic partnership to even newer heights!