worst college football memory?

a lot of answers are just “how much time do you have” the answer to that is: a lot. fire away

@nocontextcfb Henne to Manningham as time expires.

@nocontextcfb 2012 SEC Championship Game. Despite other gut wrenching losses, there was never another UGA loss that left me feeling empty and all “so what do I do now?”

@nocontextcfb JJ Stokes. anyone who knows, i do not have to give any other details

@nocontextcfb One of my worst but idk… there’s so many to pick from 😐 Georgia Tech Loses To Northern Illinois youtu.be/ShFmHUM2zPM

@nocontextcfb 2007 montana vs wofford. it was cold as hell in the stadium, the Griz were undefeated, and future pro bowl kicker Dan Carpenter missed a last second game winner

@nocontextcfb As many losses as I've suffered through as a Wazzu alum, the ones to Portland State and Eastern Washington were especially aggravating.