“If there were no Israel, we’d have to invent one,” Joe Biden. 75 years of occupation. $130 billion in US military aid. Hundreds of thousands of victims. Today, we say: US out of Palestine. act.progressive.international/out-palestine/

BREAKING: More than 700 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip during the last 24 hours, according to the Director General of the Gov't Media Office in Gaza aje.io/ggedls

Germany killed about 750 people each day at Auschwitz. This is a Holocaust. twitter.com/AJEnglish/stat…

@pawelwargan This is what they call restraint. Abominable cruelty!

@pawelwargan To think you studied in Oxford and your source is Al Jazeera 😂

@pawelwargan 2 million German civilians died during WWII just so you know

@pawelwargan Show me the bodies, because these are Hamas lies.

@pawelwargan Nope, it’s just old fashioned urban combat. To be a holocaust you would need to have closer to a Million dead. Currently, 0.3% of Palestinians in the Levant have died. Compare that to Rwanda where 50% of Tutsis were killed or the real Holocaust where 65% of Jews were murdered

@pawelwargan Actually they might be more by the time Hamas is wiped out according to their official sponsors

@pawelwargan What have they done with all these bodies? According to Hamas they are stumbling over rotting corpses every two feet. The stench in the air would be unbearable. There is no evidence of slaughter at such a large scale scale within so small an area.

Remember: there would be no Israel without the United States. twitter.com/ProgIntl/statu…

@pawelwargan @Cicke69 No, Germany did not kill 750 people per day at Auschwitz. That is wartime propaganda.