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Thank you ❤️

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    love you soooo much❤︎ i wanna see you in Japan🇯🇵 · 2 day ago

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    Wow that first video was amazing😍 so proud 💗 · 21 hour ago

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    Omg nobody compares to you · 2 hour ago

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    @shawnmendes I know you’re never going to see this or reply, but I just wanted to say how much you motivate me. Seeing how much you really care making a difference isn’t his world and in each and everyone of your fans touches my heart. I hope one day I can follow in your footsteps and be such an amazing individual like you. Seeing all your pics and videos of you on stage and touring and how wonderful your team is, motivates me to keep working hard and it makes me more and more excited each time to work in the music industry. I plan on going to school to be a stage manager and music promoter. Currently, I’m in training for the Army, but I will start as soon as I get to my duty station. And I hope one day I can be out there helping such a wonderful artist and soul like you, helping them spread their message through their music and change the world one lyric at a time. I love you. I’m soooo proud of everything you have accomplished and how far you have made it. You deserve everything that comes your way!!! I Love you so much. ❤️🥰🌹💘💝💞 · 2 hour ago

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