If COVID-19 reminds us we live in an age of pandemics, then heeding the lessons from fighting malaria, a pandemic of the ages, offers us insights on how we can protect ourselves against the next one. @TIME time.com/6104645/malari…

@rajpanjabi @DrEricDing @TIME This was a long time coming! This is a glowing achievement!

@rajpanjabi @DrEricDing @TIME Congratulations to all, especially vulnerable children, on the release of this new tool for the battle! Thank you for all you do

@rajpanjabi @DrTomFrieden @TIME You know, this is pretty damn exciting. Congratulations to all who brought this to bear. Well done! And thank you.

@rajpanjabi @DrEricDing @TIME I think it's important not just to focus on one issue because malaria is just not the only pandemic that we have we have worldwide starvation we have worldwide housing shortages we have mass movement of populations out of one location to another these are pandemics of the 21st

@rajpanjabi @BillGates @TIME Human behavior itself is greedy, eventing will return back to the laws of the nature / physics of cause and effect, the himself accept it. 😔🇮🇩

@DRMc48014363 @rajpanjabi @DrEricDing @TIME Allah is the greatest . He is the creator of everything. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah ٠٠٠٠ Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One, Allah, the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent." twitter.com/najeebalmusali…

@rajpanjabi @BillGates @TIME Mr. Bill Gates, This is your friend from Vaccine ?? What is this Mr @BillGates ???