Kyle’s face when Garcelle said what she heard Rinna say pretty much confirmed that it was true. #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH

@KorinaLMoss But do we think Rinna actually said it or that Kyle made it up but told Garcelle that Rinna said it to stir the pot

@SweepReality @KorinaLMoss That seems so strange to me like doesn’t add up, idk I can see Kyle or a producer talking shit more than I can Rinna saying that to someone , Bravo producers talk so much constant shit about the HW

@realangel_dorit @SweepReality @KorinaLMoss I don't know....maybe she is scared of her views hurting another source of cash. It doesn't make sitting silently in a place of privilege right, by any means.… #WhiteWomenProblems

@Rick_Kitty @SweepReality @KorinaLMoss in my head, its this: 1) Rinna spoke with Erika and/or Kyle about her ongoing QVC issues, 2) someone (this part really seems like a Kyle move) asked her if she was worried that race being an issue this season would hurt her income, 3) she answered it might, 4) kyle ran with it

@Rick_Kitty @SweepReality @KorinaLMoss would explain why after everything seemed like it was going ok, Dorit and Rinna now try to go after Garcelle & Garcelle appears to have 0 issues w Kyle even tho she pulled that shit w the charity $$. When Kyle is out of hot water &every other cast member isnt? thats kyle at work

@Rick_Kitty @SweepReality @KorinaLMoss Im sure Kyle was feeding lies about Garcelle to Dorit and RInna, just like she was feeding them to Garcelle. that plus their frail egos and white privilege put them at a prime place for a set up. they ran with it though, to be fair. about time they all learned

@Rick_Kitty @SweepReality @KorinaLMoss this paired w the fact that Kyle seemed at work w the initial beef b/t Crystal and Sutton. if you remember their Tahoe conversation, Kyle brought up race bc of the stuff she had going on w Garcelle. my guess she hoped it would stir something up bt Sutton and Crystal