@realitywinedown WTF?!? It could not be me. Garcelle is a saint!!

@realitywinedown If she WAS unhappy, it's because she realized that loyalty, compassion, or a friendship of 20 years ain't worth a damn to you, Rinna.

@Drewsir7 @realitywinedown I’m so tired of Dorit yelling and talking down to her.

@realitywinedown Harry doesn’t even come to any events but he’s been watching the show?!

@realitywinedown Why was EJ even Injecting herself in the conversation?

@shargrimb @realitywinedown Erika might have Tourette’s 🤷‍♀️

@suejard @realitywinedown Remember she did state if not for her there wouldn't be a show. Apparently she feels comfortable or safe especially with those who back her up. Maybe Erika feels untouchable?

Did not expect this to get so much exposure! *Subscribe to our podcast where we drop weekly episodes breaking down every new Real Housewives episode! *unless you’re a Rinna stan* #rhop #rhoslc #rhobh…

@auntie_kerri @realitywinedown Rinna said out loud on camera that she can’t promise that she won’t repeat things that Garcelle says in private. That is why Garcelle doesn’t trust here. Plain and simple. #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion