Allen Weisselberg was “pressured intensely” by Trump reps to drop Nick Gravante as his lawyer after they learned he’d suggested the jailed ex-Trump Org CFO talk to prosecutors trying to get him to flip from behind bars.…

@molcranenewman I see possible ethics violations here by def attys being paid by a potential target/subject to represent a potential cooperator. This is also on @ManhattanDA for failing to request a hearing so that the Judge could directly address the defendant as to such conflicts.

@richsignorelli @molcranenewman @ManhattanDA How would the DA know before now? I too see potential (likely) ethics and conflict of interest issues. Is Weisselberg a defendant the judge could directly address? I didn't think we had an indictment yet.

@richsignorelli @molcranenewman @ManhattanDA Yes yes, we need to hear about how a SDNY prosecutor views ethics.