It is extremely important that Trump be treated no differently than any other arrested defendant and that includes being handcuffed. Given his incitement of violence, he also must be gagged. @ManhattanDA @AlvinBraggNYC

@richsignorelli @UROCKlive1 @ManhattanDA @AlvinBraggNYC Gagged, absolutely. There is no way he will remain quiet though. What happens to those who break court orders?

@richsignorelli @billrspencer @ManhattanDA @AlvinBraggNYC Hope the Indicted Yam is a jerk, not respectfull to the court/judge, continually disrupts proceedings in court, and is put in contempt, then jailed on the spot, then same to the Yam's attorneys and the same to likewise observers in the gallery. Lock them ALL up!