@ACLieberman @tribelaw Emily Post’s Elite Legal Etiquette 101, Rule #7: Thou shalt avoid leveling any direct criticism at the Almighty Merrick Garland. Instead, thou shalt criticize “DOJ,” “federal prosecutors,” “the legal system,” etc.

Garland Polite @DOJCrimDiv @LisaMonaco Williams @SDNYnews should be ashamed of their inept/cowardly dereliction of duty. My Washington Post subscription allows me to share access to great journalism. Check out this gift article. Read here: wapo.st/3U19U59

@richsignorelli @DOJCrimDiv @LisaMonaco @SDNYnews "Regardless of what people think about Trump or the facts of the case, it’s not hard to see the problem." Yeah let's not let the facts get in the way...

@richsignorelli @DOJCrimDiv @LisaMonaco @SDNYnews Nonsense. If he didn't want to get prosecuted in NY where everyone hates him - and rightly so, he's spent decades alienating an entire city - then he shouldn't have committed crimes in NYC.

@richsignorelli @DOJCrimDiv @LisaMonaco @SDNYnews But what if… and hear me out… that Trump isn’t the target, and that Garland is orchestrating with several equal level DOJs from multiple countries, the largest most sensitive takedown of an international criminal mob (who used DJT as their tool)?

@richsignorelli @DOJCrimDiv @LisaMonaco @SDNYnews I get @henryolsenEPPC's argument but it's incredible to me that the words "Merrick" & "Garland" do not show up ONCE in his entire op-ed. Why are SO few legal, political, & media elites STILL so reluctant to criticize Garland BY NAME? I truly don't get it. twitter.com/JabbaNoBadda/s…

@richsignorelli @Ty___Webb @DOJCrimDiv @LisaMonaco @SDNYnews Thank you for the peek. Without a rolling amount of indictments that include insurrectionists the case will wane. Vindictive? Maybe, but the people need to see he is no better than anyone and a mugshot and handcuffs should be his lot. But it won't happen

@richsignorelli @DOJCrimDiv @LisaMonaco @SDNYnews TY for the article. I agree with you. Do you think there was an understanding between Biden and Garland not to indict Trump? But Garland's hand was forced when Trump stole classified documents? That would explain G waiting almost 2 yrs after 1/6 before doing anything about T. TY