when #GLOSSBOMB is #1 in North America…annnnddd #GLOSSBOMBHEAT is numero tres!!! I never get used to this shit! Thank you guys for lovin up on my lil @fentybeauty lipglosses man

@rihanna @fentybeauty (LAST WARNING⚠️) Start making good music or face the consequences

@rihanna @fentybeauty Top Selling Female Singers [ 2020 ] | Selena Gomez , Ariana Grande , Billie Eilish , Taylor Swift youtu.be/HLIRHIReZEU

@rihanna @fentybeauty so you posting on twitter but u can’t respond back to my messages??

@rihanna @fentybeauty Hey guys if you could spare 2 minutes of your time to critique my music it would be greatly appreciated youtu.be/K4INnNFbzuM