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@rihanna @SavageXFenty @PrimeVideo Who would know better than the Fauci who funded the gain of function experiments in Wuhan that weaponized the virus that more variants are coming? -This contents is from Peter Navarro Twitter Posted on Aug 5 , 2021

@rihanna @SavageXFenty @PrimeVideo Why hasn't Bill Gates vaccinated his children? Why hasn't Fauci vaccinated his family? Why haven't any top CCP members above the ministry level been Covid vaccinated? The Covid vaccines have a far greater impact than the coronavirus itself. The vaccines have changed everything!

@rihanna @SavageXFenty @PrimeVideo Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine 强生主管透露:不应给孩子打F*cking新冠疫苗