2022, we coming in HOT! we bout to bring you a whole new #SavageXFenty experience with the launch of our brick-and-mortar retail stores!

can’t believe it’s actually that time, and I can’t wait for you to have this experience irl…. our very first locations: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. watch the @SavageXFenty feed for details 👀

@rihanna @SavageXFenty wow no ny? we should be dead first but okay

@rihanna @SavageXFenty 👀🎉 Let us know if you need any photographers in these cities to help capture the openings 🎉✨ blackwomenphotographers.com

@synaaXX @rihanna @SavageXFenty She might make NYC the flagship store or nothing makes sense

@Ola__Idowu I was saying the same thing. I’m surprised there isn’t a location for NYC. 🤨