So I’m reading lots of threads where supporters of former Presidential candidates on the left who lost to Joe Biden in the primaries are saying they feel vindicated or that “we told you so” after this week. I have questions. Many questions.

Good thread challenging progressives to explain what a President Sanders or Warren could have done to overcome the limits of our 50/50 Senate that Biden could not. Spoiler: nothing. (And anyone telling you otherwise is engaging in magical thinking.)…

@ExGOPer They don’t have any god damned answers. They just keep saying that why the party sucks. Of course, their alternative to voting for people who mainly want to help them and advance a fair amount of their agenda is to not vote, so the other side can keep rolling back more policies.

@roc345_mark It’s incredibly self-destructive. Granted, many of the people we see making these claims here are trolls whose primary purpose is to get everyone angry, but there are legit people, too, who also fall for the “the two parties are identical” bullshit, which is quite dispiriting.