if you live in the UK NEVER EVER use @StoneacreMotors. Very upset after my recent service with Boongate stoneacre. I turned up to check my car in for its annual service and they didn’t even have me booked in (1/?)

(although I had already received multiple emails and texts confirming my booking). They were luckily able to find me a courtesy car and we’re able to start servicing my car later that day. After receiving a report back suggesting almost £700 of work needing to be done. (2/?)

I reluctantly agreed to this work thinking ‘at least my car will be good to go after all of this’. They then rang me later that day and told me they would need the car in over the weekend but would call me on Tuesday with an update. (3/?)

Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with no call until finally they rang me Thursday telling me my car was ready to collect. Upon arrival my bill was over £900 as they hadn’t included the £180 service fee in the original estimate and they wanted to charge me (4/?)

an additional £7 for each day I had the courtesy car which I was NEVER made aware of. They were able to knock off the charge of the courtesy car which bought the total service to £864. This is very expensive for a service (5/?)