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@20gimsack like lying on your resume that you are fluent in several languages when you indeed speak max 2....or getting your face carved in beauty ops depending on the taste of your old geezer husband?

@JonnyFX1 what is the problem in the upper picture? i dont see the problem.

@osint_69 there is channels for pedophiles. nazi shit. islamists. name it

@20gimsack If I had a daughter like Taylor Swift I'd be very proud of her accomplishments. Someone let me know when Melania accomplishes something other than marrying a pig.

@20gimsack Glad to hear it. Even though her costume is art!

@20gimsack The third trophy wife of an obnoxious billionaire?

@TupaczIso @20gimsack @SaadiSays_ @jacksonhinklle Hamas killed every innocent Palestinian child by hiding their weapons and leaders in schools, hospitals and civilian apartments. Blame Hamas

@20gimsack Ah that age-old question. When is it art and not porn? To me it’s trash, to you: but it’s Taylor Swift!

@nexta_tv @Just_a_Fella_EU the spontanous moment ocured when he was 16 while in judo training.

serbian diplomacy are you for russia, usa or europe? we are.

@JanetET115 yes. they are costumes. thats art. even naked its somthing else.

@20gimsack That’s trashy but still not a prostitute. Have you seen some of Taylor Swift’s costumes?

@JanetET115 no. anybody who sells nudes, yes. she s done it.

@20gimsack For you, anybody who marries a rich guy.

@JanetET115 i dont know her politics. there is enough evedince her being a prostitute. whats definition of prostitute?

@20gimsack Really? That’s your best argument. NAFO is a good cause. Smearing women whose politics you disagree with, in my mind, tarnishes your work.

@JanetET115 have you ever seen her looking like she love trump. i saw her many time looking the opposite.

@20gimsack Basically yeah. Unf@ckingbelievable

@20gimsack A soiled putin. I'm hoping for another fall and a loose bowel incident 🤞

@20gimsack I think they’re gonna find it hard to go against Tay Tay. Kanye found out the hard way.

@20gimsack I have definitely no time for her or Trump but I will defend any woman being accused of that without any evidence.