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@TheIlliniFN PG - Rodgers SG - Reeves SF - Shannon PF - QG C - Hawkins Would be pretty elite

@NicotoDansby @MaxMarkhamNFL Herbs cracking 1k yards if he stays healthy easily

@CoachFrazierILL throw a bag at zyon please coach

@wischlist maybe... big maybe. terrible pg play on paper. teams loaded outside of PG.

@wrhiv_72 Im afraid 4XL sizing is not avaliable.

@gunnertierno PBs, both slides, 700 salts, and cinders 💯

@TheKingfisher18 @200ColumnsRy the only dominos ryan schroat knows is dominos pizza.... fat lard.

anyone hit on the azures yet

@trillydonovan hopefully jayden epps enjoys his 10 minutes per game off the bench

@trillydonovan wtw on terrence shannon mr trilly

@Michael74345159 @AYOD0SUNMU @DrHoodieMaddog Sadly, per alot of sources they are both NBA bound. Excited to see what they do in the NBA!

@AYOD0SUNMU @DrHoodieMaddog Agreed. Think Coleman might as well. Fingers crossed

@DrHoodieMaddog 0 is gonna run it back thankfully

@AYOD0SUNMU @gunnertierno There supposed to come out today if im not wrong