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@VeganBrisket @JustinMBibb @Amtrak @USDOTFRA @SherrodBrown @AllAboardOhio Assuming that there are people who'd rather get to and from the train station on a set schedule as opposed to driving direct, in a shorter period of time...are there enough who want or need the service to pay for it? I imagine a red eye on Fridays in fall to CBUS might work...

@Stetson76 @JustinMBibb @Amtrak @USDOTFRA @SherrodBrown People that don't have cars or would prefer to do work or relax for those two hours? I know a TON of people who'd "waste time" on a train. I bet @AllAboardOhio does too.

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@MrPatrickFarren @AllAboardOhio @MichaelRyan316 Bingo Exactly All you see mostly from the right is kicking down on other groups, they’re not offering freaking anything except fear and restrictive laws


@jazper2388 @DE_Gifford @Amtrak @AllAboardOhio @MDOT_Rail I second this. Also vice Versa. I love the area behind Amtrak Troy to shop and come home.

All Aboard Ohio today released a detailed and conservative economic impact study of the expansion of passenger rail service between Ohio’s four largest metro areas that will contribute $106 million to $107 million to gross state product. Find out more:…

@NeotransB @USDOTFRA @Amtrak @AmtrakConnects @SenSherrodBrown @RepMarcyKaptur @CityofCleveland @DowntownCLE @NOACA_MPO @CuyahogaCounty @MayorBibb @chrisronayne @AllianceRail @AllAboardOhio @GreaterCLE @ODOT_Statewide @GCRTA Actually, this is simply an FRA grant to study further development. Many new routes were approved in Colorado, North Carolina, and Arizona, but these are in the study phase.

@jazper2388 @Amtrak @AllAboardOhio @MDOT_Rail Same. That’s kind of the idea behind the RTA creating a commuter train route between Ann Arbor & Detroit. It would be used for business & fun.

@DE_Gifford @Amtrak @AllAboardOhio @MDOT_Rail Always wondered why there isn’t multiple weekend trains doing that pontiac-troy-RO-detroit route. So many people would use it to go downtown on the weekends and come back to suburban home later that day like in NYC and Chicago

@DE_Gifford @Amtrak @AllAboardOhio @MDOT_Rail So a potential station would be built at Eureka Road, and the wye at Wayne would need to be rebuilt.

@DE_Gifford @Amtrak @AllAboardOhio @MDOT_Rail I would assume this would route trains from Toledo north on CSX and then make the turn on the Michigan line at Wayne.

@DE_Gifford @Amtrak @AllAboardOhio @MDOT_Rail That would be awesome. There aren't many good paying tech support jobs in Detroit or a close bus ride.

Can't believe we have to say thanks to Ohio for finally getting a rail connection from Detroit to DTW. Now its time to talk to @Amtrak about a $10 local price for any rides between the Ann Arbor - Pontiac corridor. @AllAboardOhio @MDOT_Rail

@AllAboardOhio Please get a direct connection from Toledo to Columbus. No one will use it to get to Columbus, Dayton or Cinci if we have to go to Cleveland first. This could be a huge connection to Detroit for sports and concerts if that line is made as well. @RepMarcyKaptur @SenSherrodBrown

@AllAboardOhio So $500k goes to each region to “study” the feasibility of passenger rail. It pays for the grant team’s salaries long enough for them to say it isn’t feasible. These grants are a way for the DoT to say “Look what we’re doing for you!” while no shovel hits the ground for years.

@SG_Hardin @SenSherrodBrown @MORPC @SecretaryPete @RepBeatty @CBUSRegion @AllAboardOhio @TransitColumbus It's a political ploy to attract attention to @SenSherrodBrown who is running for re-election. Previous studies indicated #Ohio does not want rail lines. #Cincinnati just sold off its city-owned line, BTW.

@AllAboardOhio Just a month ago, #Cincinnati residents voted to get rid of its rail line that was owned, built and paid for. Did you forget? #Cincy

Can we also get local and regional passenger rail, too?? We need a subway/metro/mass rapid transit...not a highway with more lanes than the age of this country! @AllAboardOhio @RailPassengers @narprail @APTA_Transit @OHNeedsTransit @RepGregLandsman @CincyChamber

@OzIsCTown @USDOTFRA @Amtrak @AmtrakConnects @SenSherrodBrown @RepMarcyKaptur @CityofCleveland @DowntownCLE @NOACA_MPO @CuyahogaCounty @MayorBibb @chrisronayne @AllianceRail @AllAboardOhio @GreaterCLE @ODOT_Statewide @GCRTA No market has gone from zero trains to high-speed rail. Instead it has evolved along with the market and the political constituency. LA-Las Vegas may be the first, but even there, LA has developed extensive local, regional & intercity rail services since the 1980s.

Three of the six proposed corridors were selected for development plans plus the Cardinal long-distance corridor... what happens now? Find out this Saturday at our Statewide meeting! Register here to get the Zoom link:…