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@nanwhaley And increase the mobility of Ohioans to do all of the above by aggressively investing in public transit and intercity passenger rail! 👍 @AllAboardOhio

Don't know where you're headed, but scenes like this are why the USA (and Ohio) needs more and faster passenger trains.@AllAboardOhio

@AllAboardOhio I was shocked & impressed by how much is shipped by rail! I am glad a strike was averted. Retweet because more people should know. UP: Home Sweet Home: Brought to You by Rail… via @TrackRecordbyUP

@Footestu1 @AllAboardOhio The Neil Ave streetcar actually went all the way to Bexley! It would go south on Neil from 11th Ave to Goodale, east to High, south to Main, and then east on Main all the way to Bexley. It was one of the last routes to end service in 1948.

@CycleCbus The Neil Avenue streetcar: served part of the OSU campus and Victorian Village. We need to bring these back. @AllAboardOhio

Getting Back on Track: The Outlook for Amtrak in the Midwest… via @midstory

@NJHDocumenter91 @MarkWSchumann @GCRTA @Lrochellew @MayorDavidWeiss @njKaitlinDurbin @CatherineRossTV @AllAboardOhio We are looking for an update on a RFP for new rail cars that has been issued twice by RTA but riders have not been updated on the status of that RFP or what rail cars RTA will be purchasing. @AllAboardOhio

@NJHDocumenter91 @MarkWSchumann @GCRTA @Lrochellew @MayorDavidWeiss @njKaitlinDurbin @CatherineRossTV @AllAboardOhio Thanks! We are excited that ODOT is supporting rail projects with $8 million grant, though we would like to see a lot more of their 3.5 billion dollar budget spent on transit..

@GCRTA @Lrochellew @MayorDavidWeiss Our transit system is being neglected. This happened 18 times in 2021 and still happening. RTA has submitted bids for new rail cars multiple times but no update on when they will be replaced. @njKaitlinDurbin @CatherineRossTV @AllAboardOhio…

CNN: Amtrak canceling ALL long-distance trains starting tomorrow because of a looming rail worker strike. Most Northeast Corridor trains not impacted.

@MayorGinther @LowerFieldCbus Let's bring in faster, more frequent intercity passenger trains to help move workers and fans! @AllAboardOhio

@Tylerjoelb @samverdile @the_transit_guy a lot of good ones in the thread Columbus Transit Advocacy: @TransitColumbus @SunriseColumbus Columbus Urbanism: @N4MN_Columbus Statewide Transit Advocacy: @AllAboardOhio @MOVEOhio

@RailPassengers @Amtrak @commercedems On behalf of @AllAboardOhio ...why is there not a passenger representative on the Amtrak Board? And why are these nominees STIL weighted heavily toward the East Coast? Please relay our questions to the Committee.

@Russo4Ohio @WhiteHouse @POTUS And still much to get done if we can get moving on greater investment in public transit and Amtrak's expansion plans for Ohio. @AllAboardOhio

@AllAboardOhio I wish it would head south to Columbus! I rode the Capitol Limited a few years ago from TOL to WAS. It was a lot of fun!

Support for passenger rail growing in Cleveland and NE Ohio.…

@AllAboardOhio salutes all of our rail and transit union brothers and sisters. Happy Labor Day!!!! We've got your back as you keep Ohio moving! 👍🚅🇺🇸

@LoudOhioDem Former Gov. @Ted_Strickland's administration was seriously considering @Amtrak expansion in Ohio, but @JohnKasich killed the idea in one of the first actions of his governorship. #GOPFail cc: @AllAboardOhio

@GreaterOhio @MikeDeWine @nanwhaley A good summary and list of questions, but you're failing to address the largest potential transportation investment: Over $66B for passenger rail, including a major expansion of Amtrak service for Ohio. Why no mention that at least Nan Whaley spoke up? @AllAboardOhio

We could and should be doing this here in Ohio and the USA....@AllAboardOhio…

@karenkasler I would rather hear Ohio officials say how they will invest aggressively in rail and public transit so more people can get to these jobs without having no option to driving. @AllAboardOhio

@SecretaryPete Sandusky and many other Ohio cities also stand to gain greatly from the expansion of Amtrak service. @AllAboardOhio

@OhioMayors I hope Amtrak's expansion plans for a more connected Ohio are part of the discussions. @AllAboardOhio

@OHDems Now let's get the State to back expanded passenger rail service in Ohio so even more people can access great attractions like Cedar Point.... or jobs....or education... or healthcare. Ohioans need and deserve options to having no choice but to drive. @AllAboardOhio