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@JaydenBrothert2 @AmericanAccolon @NapoleonBonabot shit man you might need to deactivate, Balls69 on yo ass he getting involved

@sailorfren @beltfedfaith @AmericanAccolon @NapoleonBonabot If she didn't deserve it why would it happen to her? But yeah you got me, a Baker who had no involvements in anything but happens to born of a Jewish mother deserved it. Identity politics classic.

@AmericanAccolon @Aelthemplaer pick guyana they have exon oil money coming in vs venezuala whose currency is worthless

@CougarSpider @CrankyFed The plan b pill is basically an abortifacient if you believe life begins at conception. Also one can easily make the argument that if you believe sex is only for the purpose of reproduction , which most pro lifers do, that birth control is a loophole to beat the system

@DaHistories Yeah but they aren’t though Dems run a “race hatred” campaign in the minds of RW internet pundits no one in the real world sees it that way not even the most die hard Trump people see it that way.

@AmericanAccolon The Democrats are running a full force race-hatred platform. How did they pull that off? It's some goddamn propaganda dark magic to win an election on the back of racial self-hatred.

The basic strategy for someone like Trump is to provide enough tinged rhetoric to rile up your base while giving enough plausible deniability for people who really liked mitt Romney to still vote for you. That’s a key reason why he won in 2016.

You would unironically lose white voters running such ads today. Especially the critical suburban whites Trump need to hold onto and carve back for a chance at winning

A Willie Horton style campaign would not work in 2023 and I think that’s a hard truth a lot of people need to accept.…

@CSandbatch No it’s your best one yet. It’s only just begun. Hasta Siempre Comandante Sandbatch.

The Chavez eyes go so fucking hard no modern regime should be able to get away with such on the nose personality cultism, actual big brother shit.

“Chávez está muerto, pero su causa sigue viva”

@AmericanAccolon @AmericanPopuli1 @Aelthemplaer My fav thing is that no one imagines we're going to help Brazil

@CSandbatch @AmericanPopuli1 @Aelthemplaer Comandante Sandbatch when are we shipping over to help form the Golden Circle Empi… I mean fight for the ideals of Bolivarian Socialism.

“Woah Hugo Chavez Ghost needs me? Alright, Okay I’ll do it I’ll invade Essequibo for you Chavez! I got your Back Chavez!”…

@burnaftrposting @EudaimoniaEsq Sure if newsom had any ambition towards that end and wasn’t just content taking in the dough in cali

@AmericanAccolon @EudaimoniaEsq Historically speaking snakes can be very convincing

@AmericanAccolon @EudaimoniaEsq I completely agree that DeSantis was correct on the facts but Newsome is just more personable/politically savvy by miles

@burnaftrposting @EudaimoniaEsq I mean Hamburg was certainly a very hostile moderator but newsom was just lying straight through his teeth the whole time

@PosterTubs He’s good at bringing up Trump to make DeSantis look weak but all he can really do is lie. Tbf he has an extremely hostile moderator

@D0m1n8tor Naw pretty much every R agrees big tech companies need to be looked at by anti trust laws

All DeSantis can do is quote statistics like a real life 🤓 and yet fumbles it because he has the charisma of a snapping turtle. All Newsom can do is lie through his teeth when you’ve directly provided evidence he’s wrong meanwhile looking like the male version of Regina George.