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@bblock29 I saw them do that when Barack Obama was running

Now this is a next level thing - an inner cycle shit. The easiest way to learn this is to watch Peter Obi or Barack Obama. In the beginning of their respective campaigns, we all wanted them to be tougher, but they refused, & stayed true to their nature, & conquered the world **

@RedxRedxWhine @BarackObama Did you ever think that maybe there are more dislike his hypocrisy than like him anymore? He’s been unmasked as a socialist! He believes in rule of the elite, globalists!

@BarackObama @CarterCenter Happy BD Pres Carter...Sorry you were disappointed not getting a card at GH Bush funeral from the former President. You were left out for a reason you will soon find out about...

@gregkellyusa @BarackObama You pull that out of your crapper Greg?

@prao0503 @MarkHamill @BarackObama No u need someone who is considerate but tough on the world stage. Obama let Crimea slip to Russia. Carter failed in his operation to save those American students in Iran. Took reagan a week to get em back😂😂. Reagan gives no shits about black people tho

@BarackObama Because u are too stupid to write Law u stalked me. For 14 years. U neglected ur duties as president.

@haekon1 @KalinaKumarska @hahahahaha314 @MarkHamill @U24_gov_ua @BarackObama You say that like it's sending Uncle Benjamins, not military equipment-worth of it (let alone, making more creates more employment opportunities). Not to say, this argument is the purest maga-shit possible. (I think mr. not-small-hands said exactly the same words).

"Democracy is not a gift from on high but something founded on empathy and common understanding and built together, day by day"-@BarackObama. In his Memoirs.."A promised Land".

@BarackObama @CarterCenter To think when he was 18 our current president was born

@POTUS @BarackObama Read my page. I will never come to America because of u people.

@MichelCespedesR @ErikaGuevaraR @AmnistiaOnline @DiazCanelB @BarackObama Michel lo que hay que escuchar y aguantemos en este mundo. Hoy no es mi dia, pero te apoyo!

@GOP Remember what Barack Obama inherited?

내 직업은 국민들에게 정부를 대변하는 것이 아니고, 정부에게 국민들을 대변하는 것이다. -버락 오바마(Barack Obama) #명언

@BarackObama @CarterCenter Carter is smiling because he knows that his place as worst president of all time is lost. 🤣🤣

@disclosetv Let’s remember that this is where Barack Obama grew up for part of his life with his mother.. Married lolo Soterro . He then became Barack Obama’s stepfather by law of Indonesia and he became Barack Soterro. So there you go! We never learn how Barack came back to the US an Obama

@BarackObama @CarterCenter This man has done more positive acts in his life than others of us have actually thought of. Thank you for your service President Carter

@BarackObama Mr. President, your allowing of the over taxing of Tobacco is hurting many of us.. Wanna know a little secret? I voted for McCain. Woohaha.

@Maxidimnd @BarackObama Trump lost. Get over it, fake patriot/christian

Hazaras are being massacred in groups of hundreds. Are you looking for a face? A narrative to tag along with? To do your as a human being? Make the world listen to our plight and join to #StopHazaraGenocide campaign. @EmmanuelMacron @JoeBiden @JustinTrudeau @POTUS @BarackObama

@Veelaru2 @KalinaKumarska @hahahahaha314 @MarkHamill @U24_gov_ua @BarackObama So your solution is to send money we don't have (increasing inflation) to a country that with our old equipment and our current intel might be able to push putin back? We are walking a tightrope, especially after the nord stream demo.

@EnriqueGomezDu1 @BarackObama @Aristid62551548 @CarterCenter Y dicen que en ese tratado dice: cuando el canal pasará a manos panameñas le tocaría un porcentaje a cada panameño, pero para el gobierno los únicos panameños son ellos así q ese porcentaje se lo reparten ellos. Por eso salen millonarios

why do you follow barack obama

@BarackObama @CarterCenter 貴方はright! 悪いのはアジア人 被害報告何も悪いことしてないのに頭や体を、時間も拘束される。クレーム、陰口は簡単に人の人生を大きく変えてしまう。事務手数料、引き延ばす手口、後出し、隠し玉、チラシ代、作業着代、ヘルメット、安全靴、U字ロック、本、バスカード、PASMO代、Suica代、救急車🚑

Los tuits de Barack Obama gastarán 300kg de carbón

@BarackObama @CarterCenter A man who has been a humble servant to his country - we could use more men like him in Washington these days

@BoSnerdley @BIZPACReview 8 years of @BarackObama did irreversible damage to America, but that’s not enough for him, he’s still trying to destroy it!!