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i think, definitely not sure but i think, i could go up to barack obama (im not certain but its. possible)…

@POTUS What about Climate Change was that taken out of the Build Back Better ?? @JoeBiden @AC360 @CNN @VP @HouseDemocrats @ABC @MSNBC @BarackObama u had us believing all the campaign promises no George Floyd Bill @AttorneyCrump @Bakari_Sellers @DonLemonTonight @DavidMuir @JohnBerman


@theblueearhero BarackObama n words tweeted: Ending in a: 0 Hard Rs: 0

@McphailBeth @J0hn_Galt4891 @BarackObama Fwiw, this freedom to vote act is mostly ignorant as well.

Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to F%*k things up. -Barack Obama…

@TerryMcAuliffe Y rn’t prominent, pop Dems like @BarackObama out every day drumming up support 4 Dem agenda? Trump held rallies 4 evil, but he drew support. Dems need the same for GOOD! Rally the troops! Have musicians write songs we all can sing. Inspire! Get ppl excited to #VoteBlue 💙🇺🇸🌊

@HambleyDarrell @McphailBeth @J0hn_Galt4891 @BarackObama Fwiw, this freedom to vote act is mostly ignorant as well.

@FelipeCalderon @BarackObama Pues si , quien iba a querer hacer toda las pendejadas que hizo este alcoholico , “decisiones difíciles” trabajar para el narcotrafico y para las trasnacionales que saquearon Mexico

@BarackObama @RoKhanna Sorry, charlie. American elections are for American citizens. Q

@antonioguterres @BarackObama @POTUS @DonaldJTrumpJr @BillClinton @georgepbush @WHO @adhocfm @Astro_Christina Election , officer,forced and freedom of thought and people goverment, Election is democracy. Freedom of thought. Integrity freedom mind is peach of me chield hood....later than meany..UN boy and all level grass rute level..

One of the few I’ve heard to use, Biden/Harris Administration. It’s VERY important to remember who and what makes up the current administration. Including but not limited to the @BarackObama involvement.…

@BarackObama I'm glad to see the Senate did the right thing. Please tell us who doesn't have access to voting. Crickets.

Gunakan syukur ketika kamu dicintai, dan gunakan sabar ketika kamu dibenci. Jangan ada sesal, jangan ada sebal.BarackObama

@BarackObama At a time when voting rights are being rolled back, the Freedom to Vote Act would strengthen our democracy and give more Americans a voice. That’s why the Senate should do the right thing and protect what so many generations fought so hard to secure.

@aGCFTstan @HewalSik @Vitria202157 @rodolphomedbh @UOL Então os brancos pobres brasileiros oprimem o Barack Obama, um negro estadunidense?

@LeaderMcConnell Republicans refuse to raise the Federal Minimum Wage. @BarackObama raised it in 2009. 12 years ago. WAR ON Workers are fighting back and are on strike. Enough of grueling hours, unfair wages, substandard benefits, and poor health and safety conditions. @TheDemocrats are the Cure

@BarackObama @MBK_Alliance It was great speaking with the @MBK_Alliance Advisory Council, and hearing more about the work they’re doing to make a difference in the lives of boys and young men of color across the country.

@Tclbmx @YouTube @BarackObama He'll be called "President Obama" till the end of end of history, same way Chadwick Boseman will ALWAYS be known as "The Black Panther" Man's an icon, ain't nothin gonna change that.

@BarackObama We MUST pass Voters Rights. Or Republican states will never allow Democrats to win again. That should be obvious. @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi Figure out something. Shame on you @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema

@AugustCohen4 @harrisonjaime @TerryMcAuliffe @BarackObama @staceyabrams May I ask what else would you like Biden (Executive Branch) to do when Congress (Legislative Branch) passes laws!?! I'm frustrated as well but sometimes I believe our anger is misplaced. So please share what do you feel Biden is not doing...