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@ElmarMoelzer @juschitz_h @CNN @UN @WHO @BillGates @elonmusk @JeffBezos @George -$265 billion to end world hunger. Source; global Giving. - $150 billion to provide universal clean water allover the world. Source; FAO - $300 billion to deal with the effects of climate change. And you know what? The combined net worth of world's billionaires is $8.5 trillion.

Terraplanistas de Concejo municipal de Chillán impiden instalación de antenas. Seguramente temen que Bill Gates que les robe el líquido de las rodillas usando los nanobots que les inyectaron disfrazados de vacunas anticovid…

@DietHeartNews @ElectionWiz While I agree that a plant based diet is healthier for people since we were created to be vegetarians, not sure that Bill Gates has the right to state that others can’t eat meat if they so wish.

@rivera_lou @IStand_GenX @Innaconundrum @4YrsToday How does that help your cause? It ain't proof. Trump knew Epstein for 15 years (Trump's words), so he knew what Epstein was same as everyone else. I don't see you defending Bill Clinton and Bill Gates, so quit embarrassing yourselves like this. Trump is no different.

There is no climate disaster! Earth is in cooling process you are f**** animal @BillGates…

If u put a dog or cat instead of Bill gates in the purr tumbler It would do better for sure

@EnriqFerreira Bill gates robou ideias de Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos aumentou a riqueza dele nessa pandemia pelo serviço de entregas da Amazon, o qual ao mesmo tempo tem inúmeros registros de abuso contra os empregados, geral sempre reclama dos mil defeitos de fabricação que tem os carrls de tesla

Reason why we need to stop greenhouse gas emissions: Bathtub analogy. “Even if we slow the flow of water to a trickle, the tub will eventually fill up and water will come spilling out onto the floor.” Spilling = climate disaster How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Bill Gates

Dieser Herr warnt vor neuen schlimmeren Pandemien, dabei ist er mitverantwortlich an den laufenden Pandemie. Gott spielen und Experimente am Menschen-> Völkermord Bill Gates warnt vor der nächsten Pandemie: "Zehnmal so schlimm" — RT DE…

@natfriedman Bill gates truly help African by providing them medicines and toilets(instead of Food & employment)

FYI I’m used to play Poker for a living! I know when someone is Bluffing! Bill Gates is definitely lying! 🙄 He plays with his wedding ring finger whenever he’s lying! WATCH: Bill Gates says meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were 'a mistake' via @YouTube

Bill Gates the Bad was born in Mexico in 1100.

#Flashback: Thanks to his billion$ of dollar$, population conspirator #BillGates regularly dabbles in geo-politics, shaping opinions, shaping the outcomes, and never losing any money.…

@emily_tweets Excellent, you can be my wedding crasher partner. Isn’t Bill Gates daughter having a wedding soon?

@uosseker Düşün artık milletin yakasından daha geçen gün bill gates İzmir’e geldi ne maskesi vardı nede mesafeye uydu onlarca kişinin içinde geziyordu…

That point is here. At What Point Do We Realize Bill Gates Is Dangerously Insane?…

@SPTenantsU Now is the time to make sure Vinick and Bill Gates Smart City the are wanting to do in St Petersburg are brought into the light. Alphabet/Google is working on these surveillance/data collection cities this will not benefit the citizens.

That means that as purr lindoor of irishmexedcan the bill gates must be lapdance okay but america Bitch is not giving that fever and lindoor making that fight by free cut out of bill gates shit feelings

World’s 10 richest people: Elon Musk $289B Jeff Bezos $193B Bernard Arnault $163B Bill Gates $134B Larry Page $123B Mark Zuckerberg $123B Sergey Brin $119B Larry Ellison $115B Steve Ballmer $110B Warren Buffett $105B

La voz de Bill Gates se me hace lo más tierno

Aku pun ada terbaca beberapa saintis yg condemn Bill Gates punya philanthropy dalam Covid ni. Tapi sebab nak kena google balik artikel tu, aku tak boleh quote la tweet yg aku nampak tadi.

@Dollarlogic Thanks, Andy. Nuclear competes directly with coal so yes, it improves public health. Plus, it is the safest energy we have. (Excerpt from Bill Gates' latest book)

2017, Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of Bill Gates' Gavi Vaccine Alliance, wrote a piece for Nature that emphasized the pressing need to move to digital ID systems 2018, GAVI Vaccine Alliance announced that digital identity was its focus for its 2018 INFUSE program…

@stats_feed @elonmusk Unrealized gain. Where was the help back in 2008 when Elon bet every last penny he had to save both Tesla and SpaceX? Bernie Sanders? Jeff Bezos? Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? Warren Buffett? God bless his hard work and extreme belief in what he is doing - saving Earth.

ARREST FAUCI & @BillGates NOW! Crimes Against Humanity to sterilize a World for Epstein Island Games! To create their own Sick White Racist Race! They should be brought to JUSTICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY! NUREMBERG CODE NOW!!!! Sick AIDS Game

@signorailimonii Anche Bill Gates ha tolto i figli dal testamento

@amvtw @NerySmi64581723 @nicolas30306288 @SciutoDr No es cuestión de censurar, es cuestión de demostrar de forma científica los bolazos que elucubran... Eso, ustedes toman datos parciales, imágenes sin contexto, entrevistas editadas y a algunos científicos insolados para armar el relato de Bill Gates, Vacunas y fetos. Bobo.