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Feeling so inspired to do more research after a week of deep-sea coral science that covered everything from genomics to biogeography! 🪸 huge thanks @isdsc8…

What does disturbance look like in ecological communities, metabolically speaking? What happens when you allow the individual metabolic rate vary, and measure it rather than assuming it? Find out in our new Global Ecology and Biogeography article:…

Request for Proposals 📣 @JBiogeography is inviting applications for funding to facilitate one or more colloquia. 📆 Deadline for proposals: June 30th, 2023 Learn more about "Small grants for global colloquia in biogeography" 👉

@LukeSo20 @misty4630 @cannoli1000 @RayComfort The evidence over different scientific fields (anatomy and embryology, molecular biology, biogeography, and fossil record) all point to speciation being the best explanation for the diversity of life on earth. Evolution. It's a fact.

RIP my great joke in grad Biogeography class at ULM that absolutely no one got since no one was from Birmingham -- the "Single Large Or Several Small" debate, aka S.L.O.S.S. debate, complete with a pic of Sloss Furnaces on the slide 🤣🤣🤣🙈 Drove past it today

Hurray- a microbiome talk! Sam Vohsen presenting on microbial biogeography of mesophotic & deep-sea octocorals in Gulf of Mexico #ISDSC8 @isdsc8

Biogeography.Comportamiento ecológico de Erinacea anthyllis.2.6.23 - Flora Cantábrica a través de @lorencincoreses

Toward biogeography: Short-chain fatty acids are often found in the large but not small intestine. Amrofell & Moon turn the probiotic E. coli Nissle 1917 into a proprionate sensor, enabling new location-sensitive circuits.… #biosensor #probiotic @WUSTL

Our final session - coral #biogeography and associated #biodiversity is in full swing now!

#Invertebrate #Biogeography presenters wanted On 26-27 September, The African Natural History Research Trust invite #researchers to present their work at a conference hosted by @UniofOxford. If you would like to present, visit their website and register:…

Biogeography, human geography and ferns in the Eastern Caribbean

Meet Laurel! She is a PhD student in the lab researching spawning phenology, morphology, and biogeography of Pacific Sand Lance and Arctic Sand Lance. @LoNavePowers

@JohnRee19287324 @jonathanstea Humans ARE apes. This is not a claim, or a theory, it is a fact. Any alternative explanation other than common descent would have to be as good or better at predicting and explaining that fact, along with all of the manifold facts of genetics, biogeography, anatomy, Etc.

I wrote about three of my favorite things: Appalachia, fish, and biogeography…

📣 @EcographyJourna is calling for proposals on papers for an upcoming #SpecialIssue, "Predictive biogeography". Submit your proposal before June 30th, 2023. Full submissions are likely to be required by the end of October 2023. 👉

Tree diversity on islands: assembly rules, passive sampling and the theory of island biogeography

Two centuries of spatial and temporal dynamics of freshwater fish introductions. Global Ecology and Biogeography.…

Systematics and biogeography of Anoura cultrata (Mammalia, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae): a morphometric, niche modeling, and genetic perspective, with a taxonomic reappraisal of the genus @Zootaxa

@sgarciagmez por marismas ¿te refieres a estuarios? si es así para H' del País Vasco Borja et al. 2004 Benthic communities, biogeography and resources management. Borja, A. and Collins, M. Oceanography and Marine Environment of the Basque Country, Elsevier Oceanography Series, 70: 455-492 👇

Biogeography of Spain.11.Pastizales xerófilo-calizos.Parque Natural de Somiedo.1.6.23. - Flora Cantábrica a través de @lorencincoreses

Systematics and biogeography of Anoura cultrata (#Mammalia, Chiroptera, Phyllostomidae): a morphometric, niche modeling, and genetic perspective, with a taxonomic reappraisal of the genus… #bats #Taxonomy

Why biogeographical transition zones matter - Morrone - Journal of Biogeography - Wiley Online Library…

BIOREALM, the first informatic ontology for comparative biogeography - a means to identify monophyletic biogeographic areas for conservation, based on specific combinations of monophyletic endemic taxa 💻…

Searching for a Home Port in a Polyvectic World: Molecular Analysis and Global Biogeography of the Marine Worm Polydora hoplura (Annelida: Spionidae) #mdpibiology via @Biology_MDPI #polychaete; biological invasions; distribution; #aquaculture

Biogeography of Spain.6.POORE, M. E.31.5.23. - Flora Cantábrica a través de @lorencincoreses

BIOREALM—An ontology of comparative biogeography: New insights into the semantics of biodiversity conservation…

Armen Takhtajan - Armenian botanist, one of the most important figures in 20th century plant evolution, systematics and biogeography. Being among the greatest authorities in the world on the evolution of plants, Takhtajan greatly contributed to the botanical science.…

St.Paul Rockのクイーンエンゼルは、学術的にも、興味があるのですね。科学雑誌の論文として、掲載されています。 Biogeography of tropical reef fishes: the South Atlantic puzzle July 2001Journal of Biogeography 28(7):831-841 DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-2699.2001.00602.x

@hoolacambs He’s more into island biogeography than Marx tbh.