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@ecwiscott @MegCarpenterTV 🤣 oh my goodness we are going to have so much fun!

@NWSGreenBay @BrookeBrighton How can Green Bay predict this wide event of winter weather without consulting with Chicago? This makes no freaking sense!

Show support for a great cause while cheering on my friends @MegCarpenterTV and @BrookeBrighton. Don’t forget to donate to @SAmilwaukee while remembering to select @SpectrumNews1WI…

@BrookeBrighton umm @MegCarpenterTV told the whole state this morning she owes you her first born child for scoring the Swift tickets. 😊

@BrookeBrighton Bump it up closer to Oshkosh please. Can you do that?

@BrookeBrighton You're supposed to drink your favorite holiday beverage/cocktail while licking the Christmas cards. 🎄

@BrookeBrighton Yes Brooke, it is wobbling over here and doesn't know where it is going!!!

@BrookeBrighton You clearly are not suppose to lick them you are simply doing it wrong try dipping fingers in water and rub across envelope 😜

@BrookeBrighton I don't remember when I went out Christmas Cards last :(

@BrookeBrighton ☺️❤😉😉 it'll save some time and your tongue won't dry out!!😂😂 P.S -- send me a card!!