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Le CHRA sera fermé le lundi 2 octobrepour honorer la Journée nationale de la vérité et de la réconciliation le samedi 30 septembre. Trouvez les événements commémoratifs qui auront lieu dans votre communauté ce fin de semaine :

CHRA will be closed on Monday, October 2 to honour the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Saturday, September 30. Find commemorative events taking place in your community this weekend:

Pour #CHRACongress 2024 nous recherchons en de propositions de sessions en aux stratégies de financement, au logement autochtone, à la coordination intergouvernementale, à la défense des droits, à la santé mentale et à la Stratégie nationale du logement.

For #CHRACongress 2024, we’re looking for session proposals in the areas of funding strategies, Indigenous housing, inter-government coordination, advocacy, mental health, and the National Housing Strategy. Submit your proposal by November 17:

L’accès à des prêts à faible coût est essentiel à la création de logements communautaires – nous encourageons le gouvernement du Canada à poursuivre des initiatives comme celle-ci. Travaillons ensemble pour doubler l’offre de logements communautaires.…

Access to low-cost loans is central to creating more community housing – we encourage the Government of Canada to keep initiatives like this coming: let’s work together to double the supply of community housing.… #cdnpoli

Join CHRA members, housing professionals, and sector partners on the heels of National Housing Day to advocate for a “Team Canada” approach to solving the housing crisis. Register for #HousingontheHill Day 2023:

Joignez-vous aux membres de l’ACHRU, aux professionnels du logement et aux partenaires du secteur pour plaider en faveur d’une approche « Équipe Canada » pour résoudre la crise du logement. Inscrivez-vous à la #JournéedelhabitationsurlaColline 2023 :

Saviez-vous que l’ACHRU a un programme d’affinité pour ses membres ? Ceux-ci économisent sur les produits et services de Home Depot, UPS, Lenovo et location de voitures de Avis et Budget! En savoir plus :

Did you know that CHRA has a member affinity program? Members save on products and services from: Home Depot, UPS, Lenovo, and Avis and Budget car rentals! Learn more and save:

Join the Social Housing and Human Rights Oct 5 Day of Action Tell the fed govt that 30,000 net new social #housing housing units are needed per yr to provide shelter to Canada’s most vulnerable See @CHRA_ACHRU @ACORNCanada @ONPHA

CHRA wishes a peaceful and meaningful day to all those observing Yom Kippur. l'ACHRU souhaite une journée paisible et significative à tous ceux qui observent Yom Kippur.

Good housing = better well-being. It’s so true.…

“The reality is the housing shortage that we’re experiencing right now is an expensive problem and we’re not going to solve it with cheap solutions", says @jacobgorenkoff, CHRA's Director of Policy & Government Relations.…

“The reality is the housing shortage that we’re experiencing right now is an expensive problem and we’re not going to solve it with cheap solutions.” @jacobgorenkoff from @CHRA_ACHRU…

The Fall Economic Statement is an opportunity to make life fairer, more inclusive, and more affordable for people across Canada. letter to Minister Freeland outlining our priorities for the Fall Economic Statement.… #cndpoli

La déclaration économique d’automne peut contribuer à rendre la vie plus juste, plus inclusive et plus abordable pour toute la population. Lire notre lettre à la ministre Freeland décrivant nos priorités pour l’énoncé économique de l’automne.… #cdnpoli

Lors du #CHRACongress 2023 en avril, des experts nous ont rejoint pour discuter de leurs expériences en matière de développement de logements abordables et pour explorer des outils et des idées pour améliorer le processus de développement. En savoir plus :…

At the 2023 #CHRACongress this past April, an expert panel joined us to discuss their experiences with affordable housing development and to explore tools and insights to improve the development process. Check out the blog to learn more:…

Curious to know if your provincial government representative is a landlord or invested in real estate in some way? This database will let you know if they have a vested interest in real estate @ACORNCanada @CHRA_ACHRU @HousingRightsCA #Canada #cdnpoli

Do you have a passion for affordable housing, education, mentorship, and professional development? CHRA and @CIHCanada are recruiting a Senior Manager of Education. Think you might be a good fit? Apply by 5pm (ET) on October 3.

Avez-vous une passion pour le logement abordable, l'éducation, le mentorat et le développement professionnel ? L'ACHRU et le @CIHCanada recrutent un gestionnaire principal de l'éducation. Postulez d'ici 17h00 HE le 3 octobre :

Le #CHRACongress rassemble le secteur du logement du Canada à Fredericton en 2024 ! Nous recherchons des soumissions sur un large éventail de sujets de la part de professionnels, les intervenants, les universitaires et les militants. En savoir plus :…

The #CHRACongress is bringing Canada’s housing sector together in Fredericton in 2024! We’re looking for submissions on a diverse range of topics from professionals, practitioners, academics, and advocates. Learn more and submit your session proposals.…

NICHI is hiring a visionary Chief Executive Officer to lead the mission of advancing Indigenous housing as a human right. For more information about the position and to apply, visit:

HST relief will give rental development projects dead in the pipeline a push forward, including community housing projects. One step forward - now let’s see more. @JustinTrudeau @SeanFraserMP…

CHRA has been pleased to work in collaboration with @SeanFraserMP and his team in development of the next generation of federal housing policies. We look forward to our continued work with emphasis on doubling Canada’s proportion of affordable housing stock #cdnpoli

This afternoon, PM @JustinTrudeau and Minister @SeanFraserMP announced plans to eliminate GST on purpose built rental projects. This measure is an important step towards creating more of the housing that many Canadians need, at costs that are affordable to them. #cdnpoli

@CHRA_ACHRU This is a good step forward. We need to reduce barriers to getting new rental and co-op housing built. Many of the barriers are self-inflicted by government's layering of additional costs and delayed approvals and permits.

Housing takes time to build. That makes it important to ensure funding processes don’t lengthen project timelines. Service standards on government-funded or -financed projects can speed up project timelines, so more affordable housing is available, faster. #cdnpoli #HousingForAll

Eliminating GST on below-market, affordable rental units is an important step towards creating more of the housing that many Canadians need, at costs that are affordable to them. #cdnpoli #AffordableHousing

CHRA understands the urgency by which we need to create affordable housing in communities across Canada. Despite growing need, Canada’s supply of affordable housing represents less than 4% of Canada’s total housing stock: less than half the OECD and G7 averages. #cdnpoli

Today, Federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre announced plans to introduce a Private Member's Bill in the House of Commons on Monday, September 18, aiming to boost home construction #cdnpoli @PierrePoilievre

@CHRA_ACHRU 100% for the next 10 years, then the private sector can restart

@CHRA_ACHRU Should have a cap on the units' rent to be eligible with a sliding scale. Full rebate on 2000 and under; full GST on 3000 and over.