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Villain Arc 2024 | Grind to the top | It’s the things we love most that destroy us | No one is coming it’s up to me

DJ at the bar played Sweet Caroline. Shouted “Sox in 7” at the end. 🥹

@CoachTrillBill I will storm the capitol so help me God

An insanely loaded team vs the shit stain Yankees. Yeah we need it 🥴🥴🥴…

@Christurnt2 Federal drug charges. Mfer running a cartel. Damn

@IAMBARNINGHARD He could buy Twitter from Satan and still have enough left over to give every person in Georgia 500K. But he won’t because he’s a capitalist cuckservative

HELL of a stand by Army!! Made 3ID proud for sure. ROCK OF THE MARNE!!!

@CoachTrillBill I nominate this as the funniest GIF of the year.

@CoachTrillBill MGM Park converted to a football field with the @BeauBiloxi as the primary sponsor. Make it happen.

@HuntTheJones This bowl is 1000% played in either Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia

@CoachTrillBill Hey ive never heard of this company DN Enterprises! I’m curious as to what DN could possibly mean

@Christurnt2 I loved Babers at Syracuse and think Brown will do well there. Would love to see them fuck up the ACC

@jontweetssports @HuntTheJones @BobbyWilson1004 @JimWoodPMP @PowellJohnT @FrippDawg @wiserdawg @Caraway6 @Hugdog18 @CoachTrillBill Give @altonbrown some credit here. I’ve done this several years and it’s awesome. And will last a year if you forget a jar in the back of the beer frig 🤣

“Vegas is like a morality car wash for your sins. It’s does for me what Lourdes does for humpbacks and cripples…“…

But we don’t have fun in New England… KEEP BELICHICK!!!…