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@VerneFUNquist @CoachTrillBill And lying his ass off in letters to the Corinthians, talking bout “send a scroll to compliance if you got some evidence.”

@VerneFUNquist This is a Tier 4 Dawg. Proceed with caution

@CoachTrillBill @JimWoodPMP 🚨🚨🚨Original designer👇👇 @activecontact4u For everyone looking for a shirt

Real recognize real. Glad to see you guys beat FCS Ohio State again…

@mygodapodcast @JimWoodPMP @PowellJohnT Coach’s Over/Under’s: SEC Championship vs LSU Passing yards: 275 Rushing yards: 200 Players that score: 2.5 Forced turnovers: 1.5 Daniels’ total yards: 325 LSU 1st half points: 9.5 Pod FGs made: 2.5 CBS camera show Brian Kelly yelling: 3.5 times

@FrippDawg @Hugdog18 It’ll be a massive Dawg takeover in the Benz. After the A&M loss, LSU fans dumped their tickets pretty fast

Just a reminder, the Swiss financed the Nazi war machine in WWII and didn’t think twice about the crimes they supported. Glad those pretentious assholes lost

@peepo_squadCL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you a brokedick trailer trash slapdick

@CoachTrillBill The only thing worse than this guys takes is his hairline.

But Jon we lost 47 guys to the Draft and there’s no way we could ever do this in back-to-back years. I was told we’re 2020 LSU…

Including the Tech game, UGA could potentially play in 4 straight trophy games, and if they make it to the Natty, 3 straight “hat and t-shirt” games. Great time to be a Dawg. #GoDawgs

@codyschick8 It was supposed to be a statue, but instead it’s a mannequin. 😂😂😂😂