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@mentalcasemama Oh wow. Hope you feel better soon. Let's see those sexy shoes the next time you wear them. ­čĹá

@ColombanRobert @business Imported vaccines are prohibited, while domestic vaccines have little effect

@httpxellise @doll_aim One way or another we all get disappointed at some point in life. Can't avoid it. Especially when it comes to love. Someone we love will eventually disappoint us as we will disappoint them I'm sure. Cherish the good times.

@Irene_Cara @TraceyM0802 What a beautiful lady. Gone too soon.

@emily_tweets I don't know. But you're beautiful. That's for sure.

@duty2warn Well here we go again. Trump will get away with shit again. Unbelievable. This should take awhile. Get your Snickers bars.

@RBReich He'll just file for bankruptcy and never have to pay a penny back. Businesses do all the time, but student loans, no can do.

@CaseyJ_516 I was thinking the samething. He's not even an afterthought. It's ridiculous.

@CaseyJ_516 @MLB @MattressFirm @Cardinals @Padres Why wasn't Pete Alonso given any props? 40 hrs / 131 RBI. More than any of those 3.

@LisaWoolhouse @AliVelshi @NBCNews If any Democrats get subpoenaed - don't so up. Republicans didn't. Delay delay delay- just like the Republicans do. If they did it you can do it too.

@mentalcasemama How about some fresh mozzarella with that prosciutto?

@RpsAgainstTrump Dear God. How in the world can this guy possibly be elected to the United States Senate?

@Lets86it Is that the manager's fault? They made the playoffs for the first time in 6 years under Buck. The Braves played out of their minds, but yet they still lost to the Phillies. So the Braves should fire their manager now, right? Buck did nothing wrong. Mets did not play well.

@AdmomVaxxed So sorry you're going through all this shit. May God give you strength to endure and ease your mind.

@akfanch The girl with the beautiful eyes.­čĹÇ

@MSNBC instead of showing the projection of how the House will turn out, why not also show where the house race is at this hour. Just like you're doing with the Senate race.