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@NYCosmosSC @aModiCasual @DavidFBrand @RobbieBSosa @EastVillageNY Good god you'd get a better breakfast at a travel lodge for half the price and that's unlimited food 😔

@DavidFBrand 😂😂😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

@aModiCasual @DavidFBrand @RobbieBSosa @EastVillageNY Spot on, Roger. Where’s the humanity & the compassion? Price breakdown for this meal based on Restaurant Depot (wholesale) prices today in NYC: bread roll 6¢, eggs 13¢,half orange 13¢, grape pack 3¢, butter pack 2¢, 20 oz container 12¢. this breakfast, in total, costs 49¢

@NYHomeless Sooooo … what myself & others HAVE BEEN SAYING IS TRUE! HE’S CROOKED! If folks READILY believe this, WHY WON’T THEY READILY BELIEVE WHAT THE HOMELESS HAVE BEEN SAYING ABOUT THIS ADMINISTRATION FOR YEARS? 🤨 @DavidFBrand @NotOneMoreBlock @SyvilleAlphonso @hrw @hardlynormal

@JohnSurico Stanhope and Fairview, outside Grover Cleveland Playground in Ridgewood. Needs a light or stop sign because it’s a bus stop, cars are often double parked and tons of kids are crossing to and from the field and playground

@DavidFBrand Infuriating. And. "Without their knowledge..public housing developments helped to make Hudson Yards possible. The mega-luxury..was financed in part through a program that was supposed to help alleviate urban poverty. Hudson Yards ate Harlem’s lunch."…

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist @WNYC add to this the four suicides off of an "ill-conceived" $200 million art-work. “You would have thought that they’d planned it better”…

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist Hochul’s administration made sure Hudson Yards is a NYS “Disadvantaged Community”. Government heads falling over themselves to serve the interests of the already overserved wealthiest.

@NYCosmosSC @DavidFBrand @RobbieBSosa @EastVillageNY What the hell is that! It looks like it’s made with 100% contempt 😡 terrible 😢

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist A former cop doing favors for money? Shocking.

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist School children should have come first.

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist The school construction authority hires engineers who do not understand weight bearing load formulas. Every new school for the past 20 years is probably a death trap. But a DEI death trap, so it’s all good.

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist Isn’t a former Police Commissioner running the show in Hudson Yards these days? Hmm

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist 250 Water Street became I priority project. Leap frogged projects during COVID to guarantee HHC project was eligible to privileged tax exemptions before dozens of other projects were reviewed. deBlasio's record is woefully sullied by wanton development improprieties. #ratBlasio

@NYCosmosSC @DavidFBrand @RobbieBSosa @EastVillageNY Absolutely mate. Hopefully a good few of them actually got the EV meals !! Look fantastic

@scauldinho @DavidFBrand @RobbieBSosa @EastVillageNY Here’s the thing. Across the street if you go to Cafe C&B you could have a delicious meal for much, much less. $28? GTFOH, just give the people cash at this point and let them make their own decisions.

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist When the fuck is this criminal Mayor finally going to face accountability for the constant pay to pay corruption that has defined his entire career. He needs to resign in disgrace immediately.

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist When I read headlines, I ask questions. How long was the delay you speak of? Were they time sensitive? Did they involve construction & delays? This is an incomplete story.

This is breakfast and lunch at St Brigid’s. This is what $28 gets for NYC’s most vulnerable. This is insulting. @DavidFBrand @RobbieBSosa @EastVillageNY

@J__Velasquez @DavidFBrand Left wing activist trash hit pieces and propaganda articles are plentiful in the NY space. Most are desperate and weak arguments

@DavidFBrand @Jesse_Coburn @Gothamist Message this as “pro business/pro jobs” and everyone will go for it

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist @AdolfoCarrion @NYCComptroller @ManhattanDA Which open @NYCHousing violations are STILL not cured, even 6 months later, even though some of these serious Housing Code & Building Code violations were already YEARS old. Illegal plumbing, illegal construction work, inoperable fire escapes/windows, mold, leaks: Still NOT CURED

@DavidFBrand @Gothamist Have you found any evidence yet that Mayor Yes also ordered @AdolfoCarrion to short shrift AEP #HPD inspections? Cuz HPD prematurely discharged notoriously unscrupulous #UES #Slumlord Slavik Gofman from AEP despite myriad serious OPEN violations. Cc: @NYCComptroller @ManhattanDA

“If they could’ve kept their original dates, we would not have to cancel 25-30 jobs.” ⁦…

Emails: City Hall fast-tracked Hudson Yards inspections, forcing FDNY to cancel on schools, housing Your Sunday read from @DavidFBrand…

4/ But as we’ve previously reported, the list soon became a tool for speeding up inspections for the wealthiest and most well connected companies @Gothamist-@WNYC…

3/ An early version of the list from Oct 2021 includes 30+ projects prioritized for fire safety inspections: 13 schools/daycares, 8 NYCHA bldgs, 2 shelters, a juvenile jail, a Bronx hospital, Bronx Children’s Museum and a Jamaica affordable housing complex…

2/ “If they could’ve kept their original dates, we would not have to cancel 25-30 jobs” A trove of emails show how a priority list was used to grease the wheels for wealthy developers, top donors & companies with access to high-ranking officials…

NEW: Internal emails show City Hall ordered FDNY to cancel scheduled inspections at schools, apartment buildings & a Baruch campus building so a Hudson Yards office tower could cut the line The office tower failed…then got fast-tracked again @Gothamist…