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@RobertESheridan @timburchett committed sedition, encouraged violence at the insurrection when greeting busloads from Tennessee and has never once contributed a single gotdam positive thing to the USA. He is a Russian asset & a Grifter. A damn liar, he is a TRUMP TRAITOR. Cheesewhiz is all BS

@JasonZacharyTN @AGTennessee @GovBillLee How very Jason Zachary of you. Even Robbie Starstruck plays you for the fool. Just out of curiosity… did you ever dress up and go as a Plocostomus on Halloween ?

@NewBlueTenn So that explains why @timburchett is so aligned with Magat Mike Johnson !

@GReschenthaler Who loves your Death To America routine more..binLaden or Putin ?

@BenZeisloft Bless your heart ..I guess. Why should someone fear the Lord ? This sounds like..mythology.

@DrMarkGreen4TN Martial Law Mark is so comfortable lying ..and betraying the USA. Dr Dishonorable Discharge belongs on trial ..and his time is coming.

@highbrow_nobrow @JasonSCampbell @GovBillLee personally met w Matt Walsh, who has moved to Nashville. @TNGOP met w him & then did as he instructed..attacking Vanderbilt University Hospital policies @VUMChealth. @SenJohnson clearly influenced by Walsh, as was @WilliamLamberth. Gov Lee did 100% as Walsh wanted.

@jhollymc @rcfp Over $100k per month ! Thanks @GovBillLee have bought & compromised TVA fair & square.

@smc429 Tennessee @AndyOgles also claims to not have a bank account. He posed for Christmas photos with his kids all holding assault rifles. He lied about his education (laughable). He lied abt a go fund me acct for a stillborn birth memorial ( stole the $) He lies about everything.

@chrisfrench83 We think @timburchett is utterly full of shite and anything he is involved in is a lie and a Grift Dude loudly encouraged the overthrow the US government. Completely untrustworthy. A Fool’ Fool. A damn liar and a dimwitted Trump Traitor @RepTimBurchett. Never ever has any proof

@GovBillLee NO CONFIDENCE @GovBillLee Everyone everywhere knows this is a scam ..except maybe you. Actually.. we all know you know it too.

@jhollymc “We are all about enacting punishment to show our devotion to the Jesus we have invented.”

@highbrow_nobrow @Acyn @DrBenCarson2016 ain’t the sharpest marble in the drawer. Can’t even point to Jan6 or the Espionage

@DuncanReport @BaddCompani @TNGOP @CSexton25 @ltgovmcnally @GovBillLee @SenJohnson @JohnnyGarrett4 @SenFrankNiceley Nighttime gatherings where fire is a major draw is an old southern tradition. These folks were probably disappointed that all that was burned was books. Give them time, if Rethuglicans win they will start burning opponents. Extra crispy is the preferred cooking level.

@jhollymc I’m sure a lot of folks would encourage that. I thought Governor HeatnAir was just a Trump acolyte. I guess he wants to be the VP matter if it’s Trump,DeSantos,Haley,Gaetz or Bannon. Pure ego driven ambition combined w Trustfund money is a dangerous thing..

@highbrow_nobrow Well, we know Tennessee @RepMarkGreen texted to encourage Trump to immediately institute Martial Law..while blaming Antifa for the Republican Riot

@highbrow_nobrow Tennessee @GovBillLee had one of the worst Covid responses on the planet. TN was in the top 3 per capita Covid deaths at one point. Well over 20,000 deaths in the state. Governor Lee is said to have chosen this response to please Trump in an effort to become his VP choice.

@BaddCompani A proud member of the Tennessee Republican Party @TNGOP . Even when Locke held book burnings in Mt Juliet, TN, not a word of denunciation or criticism from any elected Tennessee Republicans. @CSexton25 @ltgovmcnally @GovBillLee @SenJohnson @JohnnyGarrett4 @SenFrankNiceley

@jhollymc Bootsy DeSantos. Rumors have it that Jason Zachary is still in the running to be his VP pick.

@NC5 Really not much fighting going on. Just bombing.

@RepRiggleman Greg Locke is a Tennessee Republican maniac and none of the @TNGOP has ever criticized this BS in anyway. He has book burnings in our towns. He is a KKK Christofascist Nazi..and that’s why @GovBillLee @CSexton25 @ltgovmcnally @SenJohnson @WilliamLamberth are fine w Greg Locke.

@smc429 Tennessee Senator @BillHagertyTN signed a Loyalty Oath to Trump and has reiterated his 100% endorsement just recently. Tennessee Senator @MarshaBlackburn did the same. It’s the ultimate betrayal of the USA by Republicans aka The Nazi KKK.

@KnoxvilleHoller @RepTimBurchett @timburchett is still 100% on board and proud of his endorsement of Trump. Or else he would say so.

@TheTNHoller @GovBillLee still wants to be Drumpf’s VP however..America be damned.

@RealBenCarson @realDonaldTrump Why have betrayed the USA Dr Ben ? Is it just the money ?

@JoanPrice My birthday gift to her was greatly appreciated.. and still is !