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@DMLaBar @DarlaStephen2 @douglukauskas @DaveHibbard3 @DawnTant @danbenbow @electroboyusa @EPennysworth @ElectBlue2024 @EllaVotes4Dems @Eathbound420 @ericasmombubbe3 @ektaka @EnneaGr8 @ennui365 @ESDRuthieDa @Fallenbronze @FaitsDebbie Yes Daisy! 🌼 Awesome to see you! These lists only change slightly so the major purpose is to get the names of Great Resisters like you out into the Twittersphere! Hopefully great follows occur from awesome blue 💙 accounts! Thanks for coming to the Great Resisters Peace……

@ericasmombubbe3 @DarlaStephen2 @douglukauskas @DMLaBar @DaveHibbard3 @DawnTant @danbenbow @electroboyusa @EPennysworth @ElectBlue2024 @EllaVotes4Dems @Eathbound420 @ektaka @EnneaGr8 @ennui365 @ESDRuthieDa @Fallenbronze @FaitsDebbie When I think of fierce resisters you are top of the list Debbie! Maybe not alphabetically, but top of mind! 🙏🏼🙏🏼💙🤗👊🏼☮️🎅🏻🎄🕊️🕎☃️ 💙🙏🏼🎉Thanks for coming to the Great Resisters Peace ☮️Boost!

@Len_Future @DarlaStephen2 @DMLaBar @DaveHibbard3 @DawnTant @danbenbow @electroboyusa @EPennysworth @ElectBlue2024 @EllaVotes4Dems @Eathbound420 @ericasmombubbe3 @ektaka @EnneaGr8 @ennui365 @ESDRuthieDa @Fallenbronze @FaitsDebbie Hey Len, thanks for including me on your list, I’ve vetted and followed everybody. That’s new to me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.😊💙💙🌊🌊

@Len_Future @DarlaStephen2 @douglukauskas @DMLaBar @DawnTant @danbenbow @electroboyusa @EPennysworth @ElectBlue2024 @EllaVotes4Dems @Eathbound420 @ericasmombubbe3 @ektaka @EnneaGr8 @ennui365 @ESDRuthieDa @Fallenbronze @FaitsDebbie Thanks so much Len for including me!🙏🙌👊 Now following all. I appreciate your efforts in promoting peace and equality ☮️🕊️ Enjoy your evening ✨🌝🌟💙

@Len_Future @DarlaStephen2 @douglukauskas @DMLaBar @DaveHibbard3 @DawnTant @danbenbow @EPennysworth @ElectBlue2024 @EllaVotes4Dems @Eathbound420 @ericasmombubbe3 @ektaka @EnneaGr8 @ennui365 @ESDRuthieDa @Fallenbronze @FaitsDebbie I am following EVERYONE on your list and hope that everyone will follow me back @electroboyusa -- I'm also sharing your list/meme with my 126,000 followers -- let's blow this one up! Let's also get 90 million people to vote for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris

@donkoclock @Fallenbronze @tomhanks #TraitorTrump Shared Many Documents w/ Enemies! CIA stated since 2017 when Trump was in the WH, a large number CIA Spies have been Killed! Never in the History of America has this Happend. And Kushner & Trump are Responsible for Khasshogi's Brutal Murder & Received $2 Billion!

@softtail65 “Hey You! Get Off My Mountain” The Dramatics