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@Cinemman22 @FilmUpdates Awards season run is always pretty bankable and helps with visibility for academy voting, I assume the studio wants to break a billion which they're incredibly close to anyway, it's a damn good feature and there seems to still be demand that home video is struggling to keep up

@FilmUpdates And I've been in love with Mr. Tumnus ever since ❤️

@FilmUpdates But aquaman hasnt been released yet!

@FilmUpdates I think about CUCKOO weekly because what happend

@FilmUpdates O jeito que roubaram La la land no Oscar ainda me pega muito ! Ngm nem lembra de Moonlight cara kkk (e o filme é bom ) La la land é tão superior ; mas tão...

@FilmUpdates Rdj is gonna be nominated and he's gonna win, mark my words

@migue4723 @FilmUpdates At least two whole seasons after this Xmas special

@FilmUpdates What theaters can it be seen in 70mm in?

@FilmUpdates I might actually start watching Doctor Who. Ncuti’s acting is S tier ✨

@FilmUpdates unpopular opinion: no me gustó nada y no me la pude ni acabar sorry

@FilmUpdates Universe just pls be fair to FT🤞🏻Jonny🤞🏻