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@FuzionXbox Yeah I agree the right one, worded better and the picture isn't cut off as much by the words😄

@FuzionXbox The right side is better cause the phrasing on the left side is awkward.

The winner of Chernobylite on #Xbox is...@Slimsshadyss! Congratulations, a DM is on its way to you with a code 👀. To everyone else, the giveaways for Insurgency: Sandstorm and Lake are still running, but will be ended very soon as well. Stay tuned!

The one where the rider is in the middle looks better, right? 🤔.

@CompleteXbox It's also very good! Spent the whole evening yesterday playing it, and completing it. There's Xbox Series X|S gameplay of it up on my channel as well, if anyone is interested in that!

@watchTotalBlank Thank you so much for these kind words! It's enough to make a grown man cry 😭. I truly appreciate it!

@FuzionXbox Congrats! I've actually been sharing your channel as an example of success & how it's possible to be resourceful without having all the fancy video editing software and super PC. You're inspiring future content creators. And I'm curious about the $ amount, DM me an approx amount!

I'm about to break the channel's record once again, and there's more than 10 days left this month! These stats are SO satisfying 😭. I'd love to include that $ number, too, but that may be a bit too much to some...👀.

@FuzionXbox Retweeted and subb’ed. cheers for the opportunity man

@FuzionXbox Haha no way ! That’s outrageous timing lol

@Northcoastpaul There's one that's been up for a while, in case you've missed it! I'll retweet it.

@FuzionXbox Any insurgency sandstorm giveaways going boss ?

All giveaways will be ended very soon! I'm just so busy, I'm sorry 😢.

@WorkWombatman 4K dashboard to everyone, soon? 😎.

@MassiveLoop @FuzionXbox @digitalfoundry For the record Bf4 is 720p @ 120hz on Series consoles and its aged like milk.

@MassiveLoop @FuzionXbox @digitalfoundry Have to disagree there. Bf4 on a 48cx looks pretty, well grim. I have had 1440p and 4k for too long. Very hard to go back. No point in a turd moving fast if its still a turd if you get what I mean.

@Dezmcc85 @FuzionXbox @digitalfoundry [email protected] is a lot better than 30fps👍 Battlefield 4 looks great with the fps boost even if they didn't touch the res.

@BeetleComet Hey, man! I hope you're doing well. Just wondering, would it be possible for me to DM you regarding something related to Forza Horizon 5? Thank you!

@mcheron76 @FuzionXbox @DAVID77557467 @realcicerow Yes, since March-ish 2021, but prior to that was only available with the 60 fps mod.

@SushESensA518 @digitalfoundry Dying Light has been running at 60fps thanks to FPS Boost for several months.

@dursoa610 @FuzionXbox @DonJoewonSong its a preview for some creators so nope not delayed

@Dezmcc85 @digitalfoundry It's running in 1536x1080 on all Xbox consoles.

@FuzionXbox @digitalfoundry What's the resolution though? I have been wanting to dip back in again but I'm not feeling it running at 1080p or worse

@FuzionXbox @DAVID77557467 @realcicerow But originally, it was only available through a 60fps mod. That was my point.

@FuzionXbox @DKnukelz @realcicerow Well.. time to download for another playthrough 🥳

@FuzionXbox @SmiffyIrons @realcicerow See that's what I thought, and I've been vanilla for awhile now