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@TheTNHoller @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN G. Abbott + the Texas Republican Party are determined to enshrine a school voucher system into law this year. Parents would be empowered to steer allotted taxpayer dollars to an array of private, parochial for-profit schools that do not adhere to the standard of open enrollment.

@marion_curson8 @TheTNHoller @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN Did it harm their public schools? If so, then yeah, they probably know all about it. That's the goal here. Same reason they tried to reject federal funds for our schools.

@TheTNHoller @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN If there is legal merit and court quality evidence, then House Dems. should file a restraining order while and take this to Federal District Court. @JesseHuset @DeeDee_TN @brotherjones_ @elynnhardi1

@TheTNHoller @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN The people voting for vouchers already have their kids in private schools, they don't plan on doing anything FOR the kids in public schools and the vouchers won't be enough to get those kids into private schools. School vouchers are a scam, they always have been everywhere.

@marion_curson8 @TheTNHoller @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN They don't care. They're too busy taking trips to France or lining their pockets with cash off deals like this one. Look what happened with Ballad in the TRI.

@TheTNHoller @BlackKnight10k @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN Vouchers are the enemy of Desegregation - it’s simple - what side are you on?

@jc_potucek Congratulations on your big voucher victory in Texas. I’m sure similar rural Republicans in Tennessee will pass it for their own districts without any bribery this time. cc: @GlenCasada

@TheTNHoller @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN Guess they didn’t bother to find out what vouchers did to Arizonas and Arkansas schools!!! 🥲

@TheTNHoller @GovBillLee @GlenCasada @JasonZacharyTN Stealing from poor Peter to enrich (mostly upper-class) Paul. Disgraceful.

FLASHBACK: "VOUCHERS SQUEAK PAST THE HOUSE" (HIGHLIGHTS) Even Republicans say @GovBillLee used “bribes & threats” to get his vouchers scam passed after @GlenCasada held the board open and got @JasonZacharyTN to flip. (Even offering military promotions) Here’s that vote👇🏽

@ChrisBurgerTN @Campbell4TN @DCameronSmith If vouchers are so great, why is @GlenCasada under federal indictment for bribery over the pilot program in 2/95 counties? 🤣 95/95 counties in Tennessee don’t want you to fuck with their public schools—just like Texas.

@NC5_BreeSmith @NC5 @NC5PhilWilliams @CSexton25 @TNHouseReps @CumberlandCoTN @CadeCothren @GlenCasada …And IF @NC5PhilWilliams were not so tight with @CSexton25, why does he block us rather than defend himself when we call out his selective blindness. But @NC5_BreeSmith, we like you! Please tell Phil that you see a storm brewing. It’s the disaster of Slimy Cammie in power. (4/4)

@NC5_BreeSmith @NC5 @NC5PhilWilliams @CSexton25 @TNHouseReps @CumberlandCoTN …Phil has also avoided the fact that Sexton hired the source of the @CadeCothren/@GlenCasada texts earlier this year as a Research Analyst for the @TNHouseReps. Phil has done a lot of good and exposed a lot of bad. We need him to properly deal with THIS bad problem…. (3/)

@RutherfordNew @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA prayers for your lost soul and prayers for wisdom who want to believe satans lies you teach!

@RutherfordNew @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA The ancient spirit the enchantress was behind Aubrey Hale! Sixty million babies murdered is more than medical emergencies for expected moms.

@RutherfordNew @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA Then you know the name of God is written on every stand of DNA in your body! The artist left his signature on every human because we will all answer to him!

@RutherfordNew @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA People like you are why Yeshua looked upon Jerusalem and said your shalom is hidden from your eyes! The story of a yolk stone being tied around your neck also applied to you!

@RutherfordNew @neilwalker37 @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA AZUPIRU contains the root of both Joshua and the root of Ephraim (piru, branch). Another word for Crocus is Andahshum, and dah means "to add," referred to by Akkadian asabu, cognate to the root of Joseph. I am the Root and the Branch.

@RutherfordNew @neilwalker37 @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA Oh yeah, I'm the Messiah, the Second Coming of Christ, Joshua, son of a Cronan (derived from the word Crocus) and an Ephraimite Egyptian named Joseph. I don't oppose abortions. I do oppose antiepistemic "Christian" suppositions. If they don't kneel, they go to the Lake of Fire.

@RutherfordNew @neilwalker37 @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA First of all, Yeshua is derived from the Hebrew word for salvation, yesha. The word Yesha is derived from Akkadian asu/azu, which means "healer/doctor," which itself was derived from Sumerian AZU. The Crocus is the Star of David. Saffron is AZU PIRU, "Healing Branch."

@neilwalker37 @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA I'm assuming you know that Yeshua is Hebrew, YHWH is the unspoken name, that Jesus (Yeshua) was a Jew. Jews teach that a fetus is not a person, that abortion is not murder, and a fetus doesn't acquire its soul until it's first breath.

@neilwalker37 @Williamson13728 @brotherjones_ @GlenCasada @NewBlueTenn @NewBlue5th @NewBlueUSA Pretty sure you have to worship ancient spirits to worship ancient spirits. While I personally don't support abortion in all instances I recognize there are times when it's medically necessary. I do not support forced birth for children, rape victims, those incapable of consent.