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@Grouse_Beater Like every one of Labour's current shadow cabinet, he was dreaming of life in ermine from the early days.

@Grouse_Beater @Jon86398752 @BBCScotlandNews @BBCDouglasF Would they risk the chance it backfires and acts as a rally cry against domination?

@blairgadgie @Grouse_Beater 'not nice' to be vilified.... Darling was born and educated to privilege and money. Dept Store on Princes St funded education at Loretto. With 'left wing leanings' from that background he could have been the catalyst of Scottish prosperity. He was Chancellor. And blew us.

@Grouse_Beater @wallacemick @BBCNews I still have the original non doctored Salmond hatchet job she put to air. Not the iplayer version.

@Grouse_Beater I remember Alistair Darling circa 1982, aged 29 standing in the doorway of his home in the Edinburgh new town, todays prices 400,000 quid, talking on his mobile, not a thing many could afford back then, and thinking, how come he is so wealthy at that young age and he's Labour?

@droscaidh @Grouse_Beater Just like his cohort the MP for Hull Prescott..............all Labour MPs who entered the HoL were paid in silver .....30 pieces.

@Grouse_Beater @blairgadgie Well said. A true labour man and lover of all things Scottish............? Ma erse.

@Grouse_Beater Must be for the sake of the migrants that don’t know where their plane landed

@Grouse_Beater He sold out his country and his purported class. The parvenu's parvenu, Lord Darling. If nothing else, he was right about there not being another referendum in his lifetime. Always made me think of Blackadder. That, at least, made me smile.

@TheIndyNinja1 @Grouse_Beater I know it’s a joke edinburgh now full of rats dirty poverty deprivation homelessness the citizens having a nightmare with no parking disabled folks everything a rip off

@Grouse_Beater The price is far lower than I would have imagined ,,, going to be a big big seller

@Grouse_Beater Well his rockets keep blowing up, and his autonomous vehicles crash a bit too. So a bullet proof (supposedly) truck might edge ahead.

@kilcoyne2089 @Grouse_Beater The local council are intent on turning it into Disney Brigadoon. It certainly Disney Brigacoonciltaxdoon

@Grouse_Beater And I sing...🎶🎶 "you're so vain, you probably think this song is about you..." 🎶🎶

Today's Tory Corruption MP Tory McVey has spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money for a personal photographer on expenses. Claims submitted are worth £8,750 for the services of the photographer and PR man. Her website is adorned with photographs of herself. [Nice teeth]

@Grouse_Beater Boycotting is the only cure it’s the worst airport in the uk people unfriendly you pass through it and feel like a convict and uncomfortable in it nobody seems to smile the security staff come across as tyrants and the stassi ffs everything extortionate parking a mare

Tesla Cybertruck Finally Arrives After a shaky birth, weighing over three tonnes, it's available with up to 845bhp, a claimed 360 range, and with a radical prismatic bodywork said bulletproof. 0-60mph in 2.6secs. Musk said: “I think it’s our best product."

@Grouse_Beater The Establishment Brothers of the Craft always look after each other. The auld Bastard will probably be here in 2033.

@kilcoyne2089 Board of Edinburgh Airport is right-wing. And they charge £5 for 5 minutes wait and the same thereafter. This is what happens when people allowing their institutions to be privatised by stealth - they lose control of them.

@Grouse_Beater Is Edinburgh so ashamed of itself it’s hiding it’s name

@ktb51aduke1 I don't care, and neither does his wife who posted hate-filled attacks on Scots and Scotland on Twitter, and he never stopped her. Leave politicians to do 'the right thing'.

@gsteve54 There is no such thing as 'civic' nationalism.

@BillDunblane @BBCScotlandNews @BBCDouglasF A piss-poor piece of pulp fiction, and that's some amazing achievement.

@OyvayM Indeed. They call that justice. Will the Academy be sanctioned? Will the victims raise a civil case?

@Grouse_Beater Once again, the wellbeing of an alleged perpetrator is given precedence over that of his traumatised and psychologically damaged for life victims! 😡

@Grouse_Beater Been enjoying Slow Horses. What a C U Next Tuesday load of people! lol Gary Oldman does obnoxious men so well! :P