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@Hagtweet @JayBarbuto I would but typically the placebo group isn’t able to actually kill the active treatment group like in our current situation

@MartinJoe91 @SedonaAZ I keep seeing @jpittsaz liking your tweets. Looks like we found our next golf session, BOYS!!

@MicahWalker7 Yep. But- it still can’t go into effect until September 28. Check @azcapmedia’s story on jt.

@JayBarbuto @ShanonLynne Think of them as the volunteer placebo control group in a really large clinical trial

@JayBarbuto So frustrated. My kid starts kindergarten this week. I’m trying not too let my anxiety about him getting sick take over what will be a great day and important milestone.

@MatthewWBenson Yeah I agree. But this part is the part that’s tough when the vast majority of this crew doesn’t give a damn.

@JayBarbuto I can't imagine (regardless of his future political aspirations) he wants the optics of taking school districts to court over this. I believe the districts are doing what is right, but also knowing what they are doing.

@DocSee3 @FontanelPulses @fullofshitzu @BestChina_1 @JayBarbuto @ArizonaAudit @AZGOP They are not leaking any information , that makes them better than any so far .

@VinceBusta Those dudes are just BUILT like high jumpers.

@OneMoreDog1 @DocSee3 @fullofshitzu @FontanelPulses @BestChina_1 @JayBarbuto @ArizonaAudit @AZGOP Same thing happened to me few weeks ago someone on here recommend @movicyberhelp to me and he help me recover my locked account in 30mins. His an expert

@JayBarbuto How about Tucker Carlson apparently started a trend of anti vaxxers wanting to take a farm animal anti-parasite medication over the vaccine? Are you more mad? I apologize lol

Right now, teachers should be texting each other about different engagement strategies or how cool their classrooms look. Instead, our group chats are blowing up with “where can we find rapid COVID tests?” This year is going to be hard.

@JayBarbuto Face Off Pineapple Express The Social Network

@DocSee3 @fullofshitzu @FontanelPulses @BestChina_1 @JayBarbuto @ArizonaAudit @AZGOP Twitter is corrupt , Hell they suspended every conservative voice at election time . I’m keeping this account for the class action suit that’s coming .

@JayBarbuto You know, an 11 year old family member living with me just tested positive. He’s doing good luckily but I felt the same. Covid Delta is very contagious This video from Walter masterson is also very satisfying

It’s really not even “breaking the law” when the law doesn’t go into effect until 90 days after sine die.

@JayBarbuto My students, staff, and my own family are more important than @dougducey ‘s political ambitions.

@JayBarbuto I'm tired of my life being put in danger because of selfish people

@KateDaughtry I’d never sell it, either. Unless it was worth like 25-50K Lmaooo.

@zhenryaz @HoustonChron Hoping for some good news! Great read, too. Nice work.

@ChicoRobinsonAZ @GoldCup I’ll bet you lunch at Ranch Market on it!!

@TOMMYRAZOR @JayBarbuto Who cares? I do as a healthcare professional who works on an oncology unit & good chunk of those immune compromised patients either can’t get vax or won’t mount an immune response to vax so it may not work! You POV is very selfish

@JayBarbuto As you know, I went scorched earth weeks ago. It’s liberating

@JayBarbuto Agreed. Decades of scientific progress swirling down the drain because of people who listen to D-list celebrities and discredited quacks. It is infuriating, as a science teacher, to see how many people think they can argue with proven science.

@fullofshitzu @FontanelPulses @BestChina_1 @JayBarbuto @ArizonaAudit @AZGOP And Republicans don't want the vaccine now because they think that Biden is behind it. What's up with that ???

@JayBarbuto At our large group teacher meetings it was 50/50 on masks. In department meetings it was 3 to 1 unmasked. There is not a strong mandate from teachers to require masks. Some teachers in Phx Union won’t wear them and a mandate will divide teachers, who can teach vaccinated/masked.

@DocSee3 @fullofshitzu @FontanelPulses @BestChina_1 @JayBarbuto @ArizonaAudit @AZGOP When did he deny? He setup a task force in jan 2020 and brought it up at SOTU Feb? I guess maybe you were busy watching Pelosi rip up his speech to listen.