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@FrankiePaul64 I do and I had collected all of them. I went on vacation and my grammother threw them all away

@jemabean1 @Comic_Con @TheKateMulgrew @MrJerryOC @Alex_Kurtzman @StarTrek @StarTrekOnPPlus Hope you are going to star in the new rebooted sliders. You made the 🕳 older sliders a real series. We all miss you. Thank you

@pattonoswalt I said what ? Did I mean what. I do it all the time

@pattonoswalt As do I and most people who crave to watch him bring life to any and all caricatures he played and made his own. I wish I had new him in person.

@MKMcDaniels1 @Jerryjjj5 @JimBelushi @AShamansheart Earth shattering evidence I have solved the Moon is the video on YouTube

@MKMcDaniels1 @Jerryjjj5 @JimBelushi @AShamansheart You guys check out my YouTube channel Intergalactic mayhem. The latest two videos plus a couple shorts shows what is on the moon!! I have kicked the doors wide open on the subject of are we alone or not. Trust me I wouldn't waste my time guys!!! #newworld

@JimBelushi Working on computer room Nice sunny day Corbin Kentucky

@Jerryjjj5 I recommend checking out SCBWI. They have a lot of resources for new writers.

@mdnorthrop How would a new writer get started when I have a few stores written. I'm 65 now took 2 years college. Had to stop due to problems. I want to do something I can leave to my grandchildren. I have been doing some wood carving. I also used to do lilistasions for a radio station. T

@mdnorthrop Cool I always wanted to do this. And have stories to tell.

@mdnorthrop Is it very hard to turn a short story into a child's book? I have several