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DUVAL: Beaver St just east of Lane Ave... WB lanes of Beaver are blocked due to an overturned semi #KatiesCommuters

DUVAL: Two crashes on bridges... Dames Point Bridge SB, look out for one lane blocked as you are exiting the bridge Buckman Bridge SB (going toward Mandarin), crash blocking one right lane #KatiesCommuters

@ashbinks2588 Praying for Landon tonight with all my heart💕💕💕

@mcook67 That would be the other end of 17 and 295. Northern Clay Co close to the Buckman

@Katie_Jeffries question you just reported about the closing of 295 from hwy 17, can you tell me which direction is that towards the airport or the beaches 295.

DRIVETIMES: Busy start out there on I-10 EB, 95 NB and going across the Buckman Bridge toward Mandarin #Katiescommuters

@StainbrookNFL I’m still recovering from the last time. Why?

Heads up: traffic is at a standstill on 95S from Phillips highway until past Old St. Augustine Rd. Lots of flashing lights zooming past. @Katie_Jeffries

CLAY: Crash w/ injuries on SR-23 (First Coast Expy) NB blocking all lanes just north of Blanding Blvd #KatiesCommuters

DUVAL: Crash on 295 SB ramp from US-1/Philips Hwy... on ramp closed #KatiesCommuters

@LG24321 The equipment is a bit more slippery, but I just remind him to walk and not run and he did great

@Katie_Jeffries Aren’t you worried about slipping ?

@Katie_Jeffries I loved playing in the rain with my sons when they were little. Wonderful memories are being made w your boys along w the fun! ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏

@Katie_Jeffries I love it but you have to be a kid....adults are way too opinionated

My most controversial opinion: Rainy days are the best park days. (We got the place to ourselves and what kid doesn’t love stomping in puddles)

@Katie_Jeffries Luckily I'm only traveling to Middleburg by clay hill.

ST JOHNS: Crash on 95SB before International Golf Pkwy blocking one lane and leading to delays

@Katie_Jeffries I10 was clearest I've seen it in a long time on my way in to work this morning.

HOLIDAY TRAVELERS: No major issues on interstates in our area right now... I'll keep you updated! #KatiesCommuters

But we appreciate those deliveries!!!! Stay safe AL!…

@Katie_Jeffries What is the one thing in life that gives you the deepest sense of meaning?

Busiest travel day of the year… LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO

DUVAL: Crash on 95 SB near Golfair blocking one lane. Expect delays coming into downtown #KatiesCommuters

@Katie_Jeffries Good to see you and the family at a great Jags game.

@Katie_Jeffries We had season tickets at FSU when our sons were young,,,drove to and from Jax