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@KimberlyNFoster You wear these on your way to a seat and on your to the car to take them off

@CashlyBanks @KimberlyNFoster Hmm. The prevailing critique may be heavy-handed, and there are a few statements that I wish were explored further, but I don’t think her analysis is altogether unfair. But also, most of Bey’s fans aren’t looking to her to be as revolutionary as Angelica wants her to be. 🤷🏾‍♂️

@TemiTresbien @KimberlyNFoster Rich??? That “rap ninja” probably only her only source of steady income. She aint gon bite the hand that feeds, her job is to be there.

@KimberlyNFoster You can dislike her politically but dis is a movie review she actually hate Beyoncé as a person and puts it out as a movie review.

I guess I'm unloyal, and I guess I'm untrue because ain't no way I'd spend my rich, beautiful 26-year-old days going back and forth to the slammer.…

Wait. I forgot to talk about how a 19-year-old asked me if she could add me on LinkedIn last weekend. The kids are exchanging LinkedIns now! She said that's her primary social media.

Angelica wrote something else that set Twitter on fire. What was it?

@OkayWerkSis @catholicguilter @KimberlyNFoster and also was made 4 years after gay marriage was legalized nationwide

@KimberlyNFoster Wait a minute, you’re the shoe girlie. I have seen you in some beauties.

My nieces turned 11 today, and I am so proud of how kind-hearted their little souls are. I'm 100% sure they're fucking with me about believing in Santa, but I love the commitment to the bit. Ain't no way y'all are cussing on the playground AND still writing letters to Santa.

@KimberlyNFoster no problem! I did a cursory search I think they are the max 150 but I could be wrong.

Friends, what is this shoe? Casadei? Jimmy Choo? Help me out.…

@KimberlyNFoster Madonna had people upset daily! When she came out with that book and multiple videos. Didn’t care either lol

Is Toya the only person in Atlanta who can dress? What's going on with the fashions?

@catholicguilter @KimberlyNFoster The Swifties are probably gonna be like "but she made You Need to Calm Down!" Meanwhile it's a song that refers to homophobic hate as "shade"

@KimberlyNFoster Their bravery was what made them stand out as pop stars. That’s why we cared about them. They dared to be different.

My sister is 8 years older than me. We lived markedly different lives, and I'd choose mine 10 times out of 10.…

@KimberlyNFoster @Sillymops It more of the topic and the celebrity because they took MJ out. If he made certain stances

I hate that we all have to be on social media together. I love and cherish the connections I've made online, but it's a bummer to be forced to interact with the people I've carefully architected my life to avoid.

@Sillymops @KimberlyNFoster SM is hell, but taking risks back then was harder. Media had full control of your image & it was easier to get blackballed. The power was held in fewer hands. Having an army of stans and sm to control your narrative is huge

@KimberlyNFoster Going all the way back to the civil rights movement.

@KimberlyNFoster Easier to be brave before social media.

@KimberlyNFoster So much so that stans recognize and create “activism threads” for their faves. I’m going to pick up this book bc it’s a fascinating topic that I haven’t thought abt seriously.